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A study on change of papilla height between posterior single implant and natural teeth.


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The success factors of implants are considered in variable ways, one of them is the importance of harmonious relationship between implant prosthesis and surrounding soft tissue. This is important not only in aesthetic side, but also in influence on oral hygiene care. The purpose of the present study was to observe the change of interdental papilla height(PH) between posterior single implant had micro-thread, conical seal, platform-switched design and natural teeth after implant prosthesis is completed. So through this observation we want to discuss the necessity of subsequent treatment and the point of treatment required. After implantation of Astra single implant and completing prosthesis, change of papilla height(PH) during 3-years was measured. Retrospective studies were performed using periapical radiographs taken from 2008 to 2015. Only the sites that rehabilitated by posterior single implant adjacent to the natural teeth were included. 48 implants in 31 patients were included. All implants were performed by 2-stage surgery. After the implantation, maxillary and mandibular healing time were 6 months and 3months, respectively. 2 weeks after second-surgery, final impression was taken and prosthesis was completed. The distance between the radiopaque material (Vitapex, Neo Dental International Inc. Japan) on most coronal portion of the papilla and the most coronal portion of the crestal bone was measured (PH) by periapical radiographs. The change of papilla height decreased after 1 month of prosthesis delivery, and the rate of change and ratio versus baseline decreased after 6 months of prosthesis delivery. After 6 months of final prosthesis, the papilla height seems to stabilize when compared to baseline point. Therefore, if a papilla-related procedure is needed from aesthetic and hygienic point of view, it is desirable to establish a treatment plan after 6 months of prosthesis delivery.


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