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Succeeding in Your Stroke Recovery - A Survivor Perspective


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11th World Stroke Congress





Many survivors are being told, or like myself, have been told years ago, that their recovery occurs within a few months or a year, at most. So many have told me that! However, from a survivor perspective “who has walked the walk” that notion is incorrect, it is pure malarkey! In fact, the notion, when expressed, becomes a barrier to stroke recovery, as it is a most depressing thought. Imagine, you are on a recovery time clock which daily ticks away, and when it goes full circle your recovery is over. It contributes to a self-fulfilling prophesy and has been the reason that so many survivors do not maximize their recoveries. Somewhat cynically, we also believe that it becomes an excuse to terminate reimbursed therapy. Why spend it is for naught! Our Foundation’s approach is to assist the survivor and their caregiver partner to create a new and rich post-stroke lifestyle which emphasizes continued recovery progress. We encourage personal exploration, and through our educational initiative, Succeeding in Your Stroke Recovery provides a roadmap to new post-stroke opportunities. Activities such as music, art, horseback riding, photography, and others, are but a few data-backed activities which survivors can utilize to continue their progress. Stroke recovery is a life-long journey, one that can be full of new and unique opportunities for growth if we survivors have the knowledge and awareness to proceed. We applaud and support WSO to continue to move forward with lifestyle oriented post-stroke education and activities.


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