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Sep 11, 2017

Resuscitation 2017

Testing a new infant chest compression method: a crossover manikin study


Candela Gómez-González;

Lukasz Szarpak;

Jacek Smereka;

Antonio Rodríguez-Núñez






Aim: For years, two infant chest compression (CC) methods have been recommended. In the last years, it has been shown that the two-finger technique is less effective than the two thumb-encircling hands (TTEHT). Our purpose was to analyze if the new chest compression technique proposed by Smereka et al may have some additional advantages respect to TTEHT. Methods : Twenty-eight participants (16 female; 57.14%) related to emergencies took part in this study. All of them performed a randomized sequence of 2-minute of chest compressions combined with bag-mask ventilations delivered by an investigator on an infant manikin with the two CC methods: TTEHT and the new technique proposed by Smereka et al consisting in using the two thumbs to compress the thorax without encircling it with the hands (nTTT). Resusci Baby with QCPR connected to SimPad SkillReporter (Laerdal, Norway) was used to register CC quality. Participants were asked about their preferred CC technique.   Results: When global CC quality, depth and rate of compression were compared, no significant differences were found. Results show good percentage of chest compression quality regardless the technique used (TTEHT: 80.1 ± 25.4%; nTTT: 84.21 ± 23.7%, p = 0.242). Chest compression rate was between 100-120 compressions/minute in both methods (TTEHT: 108 ± 17 com/min; nTTT: 108 ± 14 com/min, p = 0.632). As regards depth, similar results were found (TTEHT: 36.0 ± 5.3 mm; nTTT: 37.32 ± 3.8 mm, p = 0.052).   Conclusions: Our preliminary study shows no inferiority of the new method, providing high quality of chest compression in terms of depth and rate in a simulated manikin scenario. Therefore, this method seems to be at least as efficient as current standards, and may be a complementary to the TTEHT in the future.

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