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May 8, 2019

9th European Operating Room Nurses Association Congress 2019

Tradition of insider view of Operation Room staff children to minimize work-family conflict







Introduction: The work-family conflict is a known risk factor for low workers’ productivity, health and well-being. Recent studies reported a negative connection between job satisfaction, job performance, psychological health and well-being with the work-family conflict and a contributor connection to an increase of physical health problems, early burnout, and low efficiency. Israel is a family-oriented society and sees the family as its basic unit. Israeli women have the highest average number of children per family (2.89) in the Western world. Operation Room (OR) Nurses raise their children during their career, while working long hours and have unexpected events and emergencies that affect their family routine. OR Head nurse, who recognizes the role of the family in her staff lives, decided that insider’s sight of spouse and children into the OR world can help minimize the work-family conflict from the family perspective. Methods: The outgrowth of that recognition was to start a yearly tradition of a kids’ visiting day to the operating rooms of Mt. Scopus hospital on Hanukkah's holiday. During the visit, the children were divided into age groups and each group performed planned activity inside the OR. They wore sterile surgical clothes, wash hands according to OR hands hygiene, cut the apple on the operating field using the surgical instruments, observed a simulation of laparoscopic surgery, performed CPR and more. At the end of the session all children received Hanukkah gifts and took family photos. Results: All the children enjoyed the visit and looked forward to the next time. Their parents reported that they were more relaxed during their duty after the session. Conclusions: Bringing the children of the OR stuff to their parents workplace, allowed them to experience the unique role of their parent and reduce the work-family conflict of nurses and physicians.

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