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Background Sudden onset disasters exceed the capabilities of local health services. Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs), including the Australian Medical Assistance Team (AUSMAT), are a vital element of the Australian Governments capacity to respond to regional and international sudden onset disasters. AUSMAT has the capacity to deploy an EMT Type 2 surgical field hospital and has been successfully verified by the World Health Organisation (WHO). All AUSMAT members must complete AUSMAT Team Member training. The National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre, Darwin, Australia is responsible for all AUSMAT training. AIM To educate and train the Surgical Team; perioperative nurses, surgeons and anaesthetists in preparation for AUSMAT deployment in the austere environment. METHOD Prior to 2015 this surgical AUSMAT training was conducted via two courses; one for perioperative nurses and one Surgical Anaesthetist Course. In 2015 the course was redesigned with the aim of collaborative training with all the Surgical Team Members. The course engages all three professions to learn alongside each other and discuss potential difficulties in technique, the daily running of the operating room and ethical discussions. RESULTS Since the rejuvenation of the Surgical Team Members course; 15 Surgeons, 17 anaesthetists and 18 perioperative nurses have completed the course The attendees are familiarised with operational and clinical guidelines, the Surgical Field Hospital and Operating Room equipment including CSSD. A pivotal component of the course focuses on the essentials of medical records and Minimum Data Set reporting for EMTS as defined by WHO. DISCUSSION Since 2015, the NCCTRC has successfully run 2 courses, the revised collaborative model for AUSMAT Surgical Team Members has enhanced the quality of the program and subsequent learning experiences for participants.

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