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The use of autogenous particulate dentin graft materials at insufficient bone areas- case series


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Autogenous bone graft is considered the gold standard for the repair of alveolar bone defects, but it is associated with donor complications and morbidity and also suffers from a limited supply. To avoid and overcome these disadvantages, bone substitutes are under development as an alternative to autogenous bone. Bone and dentin are mineralized tissues of almost similar chemical composition. We aim in this study compare the clinical and radiographic effects of around implants between an autogenous tooth graft after implant placements This case series have ten patients, who received an implant treatment with autogenous tooth graft in the maxilla or the mandible. Patients needed teeth extraction for the autogenic tooth grafts fabrication. Teeth were extracted in the prospective implant placement area for patient due to periodontal disease of the existing teeth. The extracted teeth cleaned with sterile saline solution and after that the restorative materials ,enamels and pulps removed from teeth. Then grind in the graft mill and turn into the particulate grafts. Particulate grafts placed the insufficient bone areas, the buccal dehiscence of implants and sockets during the surgery. Implants placed at the same time with augmentation. Three dimensional radiographies taken before and after surgery, 6th months and 1 year later. The analyses of clinical and three dimensional radiographs 1 year after the surgery showed that the alveolar bone was well maintained both vertically and horizontally, and the formed bone was not resorbed during early stages. Based on this limited study, autogenic tooth grafts can be considered a good alternative bone graft to a xenograft in an insufficient alveolar bone, implant dehiscence areas and sockets when extraction is necessary prior to the surgery.


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