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Apr 12, 2019

WADEM Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine 2019

Using Security Guards and Civil Volunteers as First Responders in Medical Emergency Response - Tasks, Needs, and Challenges






Introduction In emergency response and disaster medicine, volunteerism initially expanded rapidly within large-scale crisis management. Recently, organizing citizen volunteers as first responders has also gained attention in relation to frequent accidents on a smaller scale. The same goes for using semi-professionals, i.e., occupations that do not have their primary profession in emergency response but have competence than can be used in an emergency situation, e.g. security guards. In Sweden, the concept has spread rapidly among municipalities, not the least to socially vulnerable municipalities and excluded sub-areas in large cities. The concept is enabled by modern ICT, such as people having access to mobile devices with GPS positioning, which can be integrated with the emergency response organizations’ systems for dispatching resources. This study focuses on using citizen volunteers as security guards as first responders in collaboration with the municipal fire services. The groups are dispatched on drownings, traffic accidents, certain fires, and heart failures – and in the case of security guards, assaults and suicide alerts. The study addresses medical alerts and/or tasks related providing medical assistance.

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