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A Verification Test for an Assessment System: Rapid Assessment System of Evacuation Center Condition- Gonryo and Miyagi (RASECC-GM) that Utilizes Mobile Devices


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Introduction: On March 11, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake struck the northeastern coast of Japan with the magnitude nine. Ishinomaki medical zone was affected most severely with 328 evacuation shelters with approximately 50,000 evacuees, therefore the Ishinomaki Zone Joint Relief Team which we launched gathered information directly from all evacuation shelters using assessment sheets we made. Based on these assessment data, we carried out various measures for environmental improvement of the shelters. To prepare for the next major disaster, we developed the software program called RASECC-GM, which can computerize the whole process, such as entering, tabulating and managing of shelter assessment data. Aim: To verify the feasibility, usability and accuracy of RASECC-GM, we performed a verification test using mock shelter data on August 23-26, 2018, to coincide with “ Logistics training course of medical logistics for disasters”held by Iwate Medical University. Methods: On August 22 at 4 simulated disaster relief and healthcare branches, we asked participants at each branch to enter 2 mock shelter data, submit a closed shelter request and register a new shelter using RASECC-GM, respectively. Next day we also asked participants to enter 2 mock shelter data per branch under off line and upload the data to the server whenever they get online. We checked whether the data was correctly uploaded and whether we could view the data contents accurately on the management screen. After the test, we performed a questionnaire survey for participants to verify the feasibility and usability for RASECC-GM. Results: We confirmed that RASECC-GM functioned almost correctly. Most participants answered that input operation was easy to understand, they could input without a mistake and did not feel stress when input data. Discussion: RASECC-GM appeared to be useful to shelter assessment, but further improvements are needed for practical use during future disasters.


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