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Introduction: Major injury incidents in confined settings such as tunnels and underground mineral- and metalliferous mines are rare, but when they do happen the consequences may be severe, with a potential for many injured. The incident site is underground and it is difficult for the rescue and emergency medical service to get an overview and reach the injured. Therefore, it is important for the emergency medical service, rescue service and the company responsible for the underground environment to have a good collaboration. Aim: The overall aim is through increased education develop best practice of conducting rescue response from a disaster medicine perspective in tunnels and underground mines. Method: Within an EU-program the university collaborate with the stakeholders, e.g. rescue service, emergency medical service and two mining companies. Within this project an explorative case study with participatory research is conducted. This is managed with the help of representatives of the stakeholders, through workshops, planning for and conducting observations of table-top and full-scale exercises. Results: At the first work-shop the stakeholders built a time-line presenting their activities from a major incident occurring in an underground mine until the last injured was transported to the hospital. Thereafter several work-shops were conducted to find improvements that could be made regarding collaboration between the organizations. Table-top and full-scale exercises have also revealed further challenges. Within the project prototypes are being developed and will be presented during the conference. Discussion: This project involves stakeholders in the research process, and they therefore have a direct impact on the development of best practice of rescue in major underground incidents.

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© Copyright 2019 Morressier GmbH.
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