A retrospective multicenter study evaluating Atlantis® Abutments on implants from four manufacturers

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Purpose:  A retrospective, multi-center study to evaluate the clinical performance of titanium and gold-shaded titanium ATLANTIS abutments when connected to implants from Biomet 3I, Straumann, Nobel Biocare, or AstraTech
Participants:  Individuals who received these abutments, between 2010 and 2013, connected to these implants replacing one or more teeth, in any position in the mouth.
Methods: Dental codes were searched, Medical records were examined, patients were selected, randomized and recall for a clinical exam. Descriptive statistics was used to evaluate each variable collected.
Results: 142 patients were recalled, 259 implants were evaluated with a 92.66 success rate and 99% Implant/ abutment survival rate. At least half of the papilla was filled in 69% in mesial and 59% in distal. 92% of patient reported good or very good chewing ability and 98% were satisfied or very satisfied with the esthetics of the implant restoration.

Conclusions: Results support the use of CAD/CAM Atlantis titanium abutments for single tooth implant restorations.