Forensic engineering of advanced polymeric biomaterials

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The biosafety of advanced polymeric biomaterials needs prediction, evaluation and indication on potential complications arising from their use and the formation of their degradation products. Thus, the methodology of forensic engineering of advanced polymeric materials (FEAPM) is currently being developed in the area of biocompatible polymers. This novel approach deals with the evaluation and understanding of the relationships between their structure, properties and behavior before, during and after practical applications. FEAPM provides a central driving force for the otherwise disconnected works and should help to design precisely structured polymer materials and to avoid potential failures of the commercial products manufactured from them. The selected prediction and case studies related with design of precisely structured polymer biomaterials for diverse applications in medicine and cosmetic industry will be presented. The molecular level characterization of polymers, including natural polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) and their synthetic analogues will be discussed.