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The gastrointestinal tract is amongst the most densely populated ecosystems on earth, home to an abundant and diverse collection of microbial species, not just bacteria but also Archaea, viruses, fungi etc. Significant interest in this area has been sparked in recent years by an appreciation of the importance of the gut microbiota in the health of the host, and this has led to the microbiome of humans and animals being investigated in depth. Studies have drawn links between host nutrition, the gut microbiota and metabolic and immune functions, which in consequence affect physiology.

The first investigations of the structure of the microbiota were culture-based, however the introduction of sequencing technologies such as Sanger sequencing and subsequent development of 454 sequencing and metagenomics approaches have become the mainstay of microbiota studies. The creation of reference databases and analysis software has provided invaluable tools for assigning taxonomy to generated data. Great progress in characterising the structure of the microbiome recently has paved the way for ongoing and future studies on the functional interactions between the microbiota and the host. Studies on the function of the microbiota are critical in understanding the role of the microbiota in human homeostasis and disease pathogenesis.

The conference will be presenting the latest advancements in gut microbiome and health research. It will bring together experts who are driving technological advancements and striving to understand how nutrition impacts gut microbiome and the interactions between gut microbiome and health.



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Recordings of the conference will be available until 13 April 2021.

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