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Panel: The Research Integrity Debate: Should science slow down or speed up?

In the face of escalating research integrity concerns, the scholarly community grapples with the scale and scope of this crisis. This panel will explore how to address integrity concerns pre-publication and post-publication, ensuring that ongoing trust in science does not waver.

Research integrity issues are driven from a broad range of activities, from fraud and misconduct, to errors made in the rush to publish or perish. Simultaneously, publishers navigate the need for sustainable revenue models amidst the pursuit of rapid growth. As we strive for speed, scale, and growth, how do we ensure we don’t lose sight of validity, accuracy, and quality?

This panel will discuss strategies for identifying integrity issues pre-publication, as well as measures to ensure that post-publication problems are discoverable and properly communicated. In a complex, multi-stakeholder challenge, the panel will explore how to balance efficiency and integrity, while developing the touchpoints and collaborations necessary to create an integrated, modern approach to protect research and prevent everything from errors to fraud.

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Jan 10, 10:30 AM–11:30 AM CUT
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