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Peer Review Workflows

Calls for content, peer review, and content sharing for early-stage research all in one place. This is the start of a more continuous research lifecycle.


The power of peer review is identifying high-quality science. Our Peer Review Workflows bring your community’s ideas together with streamlined tools that create new opportunities to engage with research.

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Find your thinkers

Easily contact your community with customized emails you can create, send, and track from within the platform.

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Quality control

Manage reviewers, define the review process, and determine the scoring system. All in a simple interface.

[ Conference Proceedings ]

Begin proceedings

Our workflows also support compiling your proceedings volume, and you can even integrate abstracts and proceedings with an easy nomination feature.

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We’ve designed our content management controls to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Goodbye messy content planning. Hello simplified abstract, poster, and proceedings management.


Going virtual to increase conference longevity

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we converted our physical event into a virtual event featuring a Poster Gallery within three months. Morressier provided professional organization at short notice and we have received plenty of positive feedback for the Poster Gallery. This success was only possible with a dedicated, fully motivated Morressier team.

Krisztina Stiegeler, Senior Project Manager DIA Europe_3
Krisztina Stiegeler

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Connect. Share. Listen

Chart the course for a new kind of event, focused on meaningful connections and easy-to-discover content.

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Discover. Discuss. Experiment.

Create a community built on science’s latest ideas from across however many conferences or disciplines you can imagine.

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