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Research Libraries

Across the scientific community, we hear calls for more transparency, more accessibility. That’s why it’s our mission to make early-stage research hidden no more.


Our Research Libraries tap into the potential of early-stage research, all in one place. This is where your community can continue to learn and discuss new thinking.

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Great minds think alike

Researchers can easily spark conversations within and across their specialties, finding new connections and new partnerships.

[ Flexible Formats ]

Video, text, data, and more!

There’s more than one way to share a breakthrough. We keep it flexible so you can share videos, poster presentations, abstracts, or proceedings.

[ DOI Integration ]

Early research forever

Thanks to DOI and metadata tagging functionality, content on our platform is easily integrated into university profiles and other outputs.

[ Analytics ]

Define the future

Analyze key topics, popular presentations, and high-profile discussions and see how they shape your future conferences and journal strategies.


A fully-integrated conference content management system

Morressier has demonstrated remarkable agility and flexibility as we pivoted to an entirely new form of online meetings. Our partnership is a tremendous asset and we are happy to be working with them through these unusual times.

Scott Ritchey

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Collect. Review. Process.

Send out a call for your community’s latest research and watch the ideas flow through for any type of content.

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Connect. Share. Listen.

Chart the course for a new kind of event, focused on meaningful connections and easy-to-discover content.

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