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Charleston Library Conference

Librarians are critical stakeholders in the scholarly publishing ecosystem. We can't wait to discuss their role in developing research integrity and publishing workflows that work for their patrons. Let's connect!

Morressier @ Charleston

Come see the latest developments in our Integrity Manager and our transformation of journal workflows.

  • Thursday at 4:00pm - Join us for a session on the many stakeholders in the research integrity ecosystem, called "Unravelling the ethical enigmas"
  • Stop by booth #112 on Tuesday to meet with our team and talk about research integrity and publishing workflows
  • Pick up a pair of research integrity-themed socks, to keep you warm while you're fighting fraud
  • Check out the full conference agenda here

Meet the team at Charleston

Sami Benchekroun

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Othman Altalib

Chief Growth Officer