Unlock the potential of your company's internal research

Morressier provides a closed platform for you to host conferences, house your research, share ideas internally, and track trends about breakthroughs in science.

Host dynamic virtual & hybrid conferences

Provide a superior experience for your employees, researchers, and guests, and market your corporate research to the broader scientific community.
In-house virtual meeting solution

Whether you are planning an all-hands AGM or a series of small regional meetings, Morressier provides a one-stop virtual conference solution tailored for the research comunity. Poster sessions, discussion panels, live-streamed keynotes, Q&A and more -- our fully-featured events ensure your researchers, speakers, and other attendees enjoy a superior experience.  

Searchability, benchmarking, and analytics across all your company research

Host your company research and conference content in a secure environment and generate powerful insights in the process

Morressier unlocks the full value of conference content by structuring documents in a meaningful way, allowing for searchability and powerful analytics.

Morressier can host past, current, and future company research and conference content in a secure, closed environment accessible only to your internal team (and subsets thereof), or integrated with your existing internal infrastructure. Moreover, we can offer metadata integration with research on the Morressier platform to drive visibility and content marketing.

Scientific analytics and benchmarking capabilities

Featuring funded research from leading institutions and scientific organizations

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