Driving content engagement and new revenue streams

Morressier’s conference content workflow solutions and integrations bridge the gap between the in-person or virtual conferences and the world of scholarly publishing- unlocking the full value of early-stage research.

Conference workflow tools

Manage conferences and associated content seamlessly through a modular or integrated workflow.

Digitize your abstracts, posters and presentations in a structured way to increase the visibility of these findings.

Morressier has you covered from the initial call for abstracts, peer-review, scoring and selection, all the way to poster and presentation upload. Publish all conference content on your own digital library or host it on the Morressier platform.

Advanced statistics on trending documents, searches, and usage (including views, downloads, shares) help you determine poster awards and identify the most relevant topics and keynote speakers for future events.

On-site digital content app

From interactive ePoster stations to rich multimedia presentations, transform how your attendees engage with conference content.
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Browse all conference content with ease
Host multimedia presentation sessions
Display content on apps and screens
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ePosters in action

Accept more speakers without needing more space.
ePoster stations display rich and engaging content.
Authors lead interactive presentation sessions.
More engagement, more impact with ePosters.

New revenue streams

Boost your participants’ visibility and generate new revenue by engaging in new innovative publishing business models

Morressier unlocks the full value of conference content by structuring documents in a meaningful way and indexing them within global discovery services.

Once posters and presentations have been reviewed and quality checked they are fully integrated into the scholarly ecosystem, helping scholars increase the recognition of their work and get in front of relevant publishers and collaborators.

Branded conference content library

Integrate early-stage research into your society’s platform or set up a branded conference library to also host your virtual conferences.

Morressier provides a structure for all uploaded documents and fully embeds conference content into the scholarly ecosystem by:

  • Adding DOIs, license type, ORCID integrations and further persistent identifiers
  • Predicting keywords and categories and extracting key terms from visual documents such as posters
  • Increasing reach by disseminating content on different research platforms (including Morressier’s discovery platform)

Track progress using a wide variety of statistics and insights that range from user behavior on the repository to key content statistics.

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