Driving content engagement and new revenue streams

Morressier virtual conferences, content workflow solutions and custom integrations bridge the gap between meetings and publishing business units-- unlocking the full value of early-stage research in the process.

Virtual & hybrid conferences

Publishers yield downstream value by offering their affiliated societies and research organizations the chance to host streamlined conferences under a unified brand.

Morressier provides a one-stop virtual conference solution tailored for the academic community, making it the preferred partner of societies and associations around the world. Poster sessions, discussion panels, live-streamed keynotes, Q&A and more -- our fully-featured events ensure members and attendees enjoy a superior experience. Publishers and aggregators representing these groups yield even greater value by offering their partners a branded virtual conferencing solution that delivers new revenue opportunities for all stakeholders.

Submission and workflow solutions

Custom integrations generate new efficiencies, lessen administration, and produce a unified workflow from submission to publication.

The same technology that solves challenges and creates new opportunities for single societies also works at scale: unlocking process improvements for publishers with inefficient or outdated workflows relating to abstract/document submission; conference content production; proceedings publication; and more.

Branded conference content library

Integrate early-stage research into your publishing platform or launch a branded (and monetizable) conference library.

Whether hosted on our platform or integrated into yours, Morressier meaningfully embeds conference content into the scholarly ecosystem by:

  • Adding DOIs, license type, ORCID integrations and further persistent identifiers
  • Predicting keywords and categories and extracting key terms from visual documents such as posters
  • Increasing reach and dissemination through internal user profiles and other discovery services

Your conference content library allows you to generate a wide variety of statistics and insights that range from user behavior to research performance and complement traditional publication metrics.

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