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Going virtual to increase conference longevity

DIA is a global association that mobilizes life science professionals from across all areas of expertise to engage with patients, peers and thought leaders in a neutral environment on the issues of today and the possibilities for tomorrow.
To transform the DIA Europe 2020 conference into a fully virtual event in a short timeframe by providing a service to securely digitize, host, and disseminate all conference posters and video presentations.
Our approach
Implement Morressier’s workflow solutions to manage the submission, publishing, and dissemination of posters and video presentations.

The Challenge:

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, DIA needed an effective technological solution to transform the DIA Europe 2020 meeting into a fully-virtual conference within a short time frame. The association required a platform where authors could present their research and where both delegates and a global audience could explore conference content long-term. Although DIA had already successfully engaged Morressier’s services in the past in a hybrid conference model, this was the association’s first fully-virtual event. As such, organizers required a conference content workflow that was quick to implement and that delegates could easily grasp.

«Due to the COVID-19 situation, we converted our physical event into a virtual event featuring a Poster Gallery within three months. Morressier provided professional organization at short notice and we have received plenty of positive feedback for the Poster Gallery. This success was only possible with a dedicated, fully motivated Morressier team. We are going to continue working with the team towards a platform that increases the interaction between the authors and the audience.»

Krisztina Nemeth, DIA Europe Project Manager

The Solution:

Morressier managed the submission, hosting, and sharing of all conference content for the DIA Europe 2020 Meeting. Authors could pre-record video presentations and upload them to the DIA gallery alongside their posters, providing additional context to findings and increasing the engagement around conference content. Morressier managed the communications regarding poster submissions, deadlines, and support queries, saving the DIA team time and valuable resources.

By the numbers



public poster submissions



posters included a video presentation



interactions with 25 poster uploads

The Outcome:

A seamless virtual conference experience

The DIA Europe 2020 conference was successfully transformed into a fully-virtual event within a very short timeframe. Engagement with conference research was high and over 50% of authors adopted the brand-new video submission technology.  

Additional flexibility

The poster gallery and pre-recorded poster sessions allowed delegates to browse and engage with research in their own time. This ensured delegates did not miss any relevant sessions and could most effectively use their time at the conference.

A global boost for poster presenters

By launching an online poster gallery, researchers from around the world could access and engage with posters and poster presentations long after the event itself concluded. This increased the reach, impact, and longevity of the conference and provided DIA authors with a global boost.


Conference content was successfully digitized in a short timeframe, ensuring findings are accessible to delegates and researchers globally


The digital-first format increased conference longevity and boosted the impact of conference research


Delegates embraced the new video poster presentation technology, increasing engagement around conference content

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