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A fully-integrated conference content management system

SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, is the world’s largest sponsor of optics and photonics conferences, holding 25 major international conferences congresses, and technical forums each year.
To provide SPIE with a poster submission and display solution that augments SPIE's online conferences, automates poster collection, and preserves poster content as an integral part of the SPIE Digital Library.
Our approach
Integrate poster submission and publishing technology into the SPIE Digital Library to increase the dissemination, discoverability, and impact of this content through a seamless interface.

The Challenge

SPIE initially engaged Morressier as a hybrid conference solution to offer digital poster displays at its in-person conferences and online in the SPIE Digital Library. Platform processes and specs were initially developed with this solution in mind. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, however, the Society had to rapidly pivot in-person events to an online Digital Forum format within a short timeframe. This required a complete overhaul of existing project requirements and workflows. SPIE now required a poster submission system that would seamlessly integrate into its existing submission system and Digital Library site architecture, featuring the same branding, look and feel, and single sign-on functionality.

«Morressier has demonstrated remarkable agility and flexibility as we pivoted to an entirely new form of online meetings. Our partnership is a tremendous asset and we are happy to be working with them through these unusual times.»

Scott Ritchey, CTO at SPIE

The Solution

Morressier quickly adapted to SPIE’s changing needs and project specifications by providing an online workflow solution.Working in partnership with the SPIE technology team, Morressier launched an integrated and highly configurable submission tool to facilitate the collection of poster content within the SPIE platform. Under an accelerated schedule, the system launched in time to manage submissions for the SPIE Optics + PhotonicsDigital Forum. Each submission is fully searchable within the SPIE Digital Library and metadata will be discoverable through the Morressier platform, enhancing its global dissemination.

By the numbers



yearly poster submissions


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attendees per year


A rapid transformation

SPIE was able to successfully adapt existing workflows to integrate poster content into the Digital Forum experience. This was supported by a close, collaborative approach with the Morressier team.


Fully integrated submission process

The integration of Morressier’s digital submission workflow within SPIE’s submission system automated the poster management process and saved SPIE both time and resources to focus on other aspects of the Digital Forum experience. Researchers benefited from a simple, design-focused submission tool. In the future, the SPIE-Morressier integration will support both online Digital Forums and in-person conferences.


Enhanced discoverability

SPIE posters are now accessible to a global audience through the SPIE Digital Library, increasing the longevity and impact of the content, and extending engagement well after an individual conference concludes. At the same time, SPIE maintains full control over the dissemination of the content in its SPIE Digital Library and will enhance the discovery of this content by integrating conference metadata into Morressier’s platform.


SPIE successfully integrated digital poster content into its Optics + Photonics Digital Forum experience within an accelerated timeframe.


Morressier integrated a poster submission workflow into SPIE’s existing submission system, saving the SPIE team time and resources in the process.


Posters can now be shared not just with attendees but with a broader global audience through the SPIE Digital Library.

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