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A hybrid poster hall to dramatically increase conference access

WPA is psychiatry's global association representing 140 psychiatric societies in 120 countries and more than 250,000 psychiatrists.
To promote the collaboration, sharing, and discovery of global research in psychiatry by making the posters from the WPA World Congress of Psychiatry accessible in a digital format both at the conference and in an online repository.
Our approach
Engage Morressier's poster submission workflow and ePoster technology in a hybrid conference model to increase the reach, longevity, and impact of research shared at the World Congress of Psychiatry.

The Challenge:

Each year, several thousand psychiatrists and other mental health professionals come together at the World Psychiatric Association's annual congress, where psychiatry’s latest research and learnings are presented, shared, and discussed. Prior to employing Morressier’s technology, the pivotal research at this event was largely restricted to the offline realm, leaving its full potential untapped. The submission process for posters and presentations was tedious and manual, and the short presentation times during which researchers could discuss their work resulted in low registration numbers for poster presentations. Moreover, without a range of digital content capabilities, WPA was missing out on essential insights into the research at the congress, such as poster performance and trending research topics and keywords. As such, the society lacked the tools to broaden the reach of their congress and ensure the program was as relevant as possible to all delegates.

«Working with Morressier allowed us to help presenters broaden their audience, it enabled wider sharing and discussion of the research, and it allowed us to accept more submissions from a more diverse group than ever before.»

Professor Helen Hermann, WPA President

The Solution:

Kenes Group engaged Morressier as the content management software provider for WCP 2019 to ensure delegates had a more interactive and long-lasting event experience. Morressier transformed how attendees consumed and engaged with the research by bringing all abstracts and posters online and showcasing them on a dedicated conference page before, during, and after the event. With a focus on making all research easily accessible and discoverable, delegates were able to better prepare by viewing posters close to 12,000 times in the lead up to the event. In total, the posters and abstracts received over 319,000 online impressions from delegates and researchers around the globe.

By the numbers



poster impressions



poster views



public posters



onsite poster views

The Outcomes:

A transformative research experience

Morressier ensured that the research took center-stage at the WPA congress and presenters achieved prominence both onsite and after the event concluded. Over 96% of all presenters chose to make their posters public on the platform, highlighting that they greatly value the opportunity to share their work globally.

The power of data

The switch to a digital-first content management system allowed WPA to gain invaluable insights into the performance and reach of all ePosters. Morressier’s metrics uncovered trending topics, keywords and posters, helping the association plan next year’s program more effectively. Authors received statistics detailing how their research performed both at the event and online, and were able to further benefit by showcasing their research long-term on the Morressier platform.


High research engagement

The online poster library attracted a huge number of poster views, shares, and downloads, dramatically increasing research engagement and content longevity.


Best on-site experience

Participants were able to best prepare for ePoster presentation sessions by viewing posters pre-conference, resulting in more efficient and useful onsite discussions.


Improved conference planning

Post-conference, WPA could use the data on research trends and topic performance to improve the agenda for future meetings.

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