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Journal Manager

The modern publishing engine

Introducing the next-generation journal management system, available for limited release December 2024. Designed for authors, reviewers, and editors, you can efficiently collaborate and deliver the highest quality research, faster.

[ Unmatched Integrity ]

Publish with confidence

Maintain the highest publication standards with customizable integrity checks, visual dashboards, and cross-journal reporting for your entire portfolio. Our system ensures accurate author information with institutional and personal identifiers.

[ System Migration Support ]

We’re with you every step of the way

Switching to our platform is a breeze. Our experts analyze your existing workflow to identify areas for improvement, migrate your data with white-glove care, and provide comprehensive onboarding for all users.

[ Next-level Journal Management ]

Oversee every angle of your portfolio

Boost your team's productivity with end-to-end Journal Management. Built for global teams, users seamlessly manage tasks, their team's workload, and the bigger picture. Easily switch between journals for ultimate control and reduce time to publication.

[ Enhanced User Experience ]

Design your submission and review process

Configure your submission and review process with flexible options. Authors benefit from asynchronous metadata collection to speed up submission time, while reviewers are assigned based on their expertise with intelligent search tools.

[ Real-time Data & Automation ]

Fine-tune decision-making

Gain instant insights with live submission and user data. Automated updates keep you informed with every workflow change, and API integration allows for fluid data exchange with your existing systems.