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[ Research Integrity ]

Stepping on Shifting Sands

Dive into our latest whitepaper to learn the academic community’s true feelings on integrity, transparency, and trust.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

Submission Manager

Discover how to streamline your conference content management with Morressier's Submission Manager, consolidating all your submissions in one centralized platform.
[ Digital transformation ]

A home for collaboration

Give your community a chance to share discoveries, connect, and accelerate breakthroughs all in one place.
[ Digital Transformation ]

Morressier started with a simple observation

Discover the Morressier journey, beginning with the simple observation that sparked our company's origin to our bold vision for the future.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

Let your community’s ideas flourish

Learn how our Research Libraries can help you cultivate community, foster collaboration, and extend the lifespan of your members' earliest insights.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

Oversee your entire event lifecycle in a single platform

Explore our virtual and hybrid conference solutions, purpose-built with reliable and scalable infrastructure to give your event the upgrade it deserves.
[ Research Integrity ]

Innovative technology to accelerate the research lifecycle

Discover how our innovative workflows are giving peer review an efficiency upgrade by delivering increased integrity in much less time.
[ Research Integrity ]

Enhanced Research Integrity

Discover how Morressier is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate breakthroughs and uphold the highest standards of integrity.
[ Research Integrity ]

Peer Review Upgraded

Learn how Morressier's agile technology and powerful workflows are enhancing research integrity and transforming peer review for the better.
[ Research Integrity ]

Automated Integrity Checks: The Future of Research

Learn about Morressier's automated integrity checks, with AI-enhanced technology and seamless workflows built to protect your research integrity.
[ integrity ]

Transparency is the key to better research integrity

Discover the Morressier vision for transparency and research integrity in scholarly publishing.

Open Access: looking back and thinking ahead

Explore the history and current state of the Open Access movement, and learn more about the tools and strategies needed to succeed in an OA-driven future.
[ Product information ]

The only event management platform you'll ever need

Every step of the event workflow lives in our platform, giving organizers automated communication, registration and ticketing, and flexible session planning for unique experiences.
[ Product information ]

Introducing our registration and ticketing feature

Registration and ticketing is the key to unlocking end-to-end event management for your academic conference.
[ Product information ]

The final piece to the event management puzzle

Registration and ticketing is time-consuming. We automate the process so organizers can focus on the most important aspect of their event, like building an engaging program.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

Accelerate breakthroughs with early-stage research

Early-stage research needs to uphold the highest standards of integrity while being shared as broadly as possibly within the scientific community.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

Research impact starts with early-stage research

Let's take science's best ideas and put them into action. From bench to bedside, from field to factory, we're all about accelerating research impact.
[ Research integrity ]

Research integrity is the heart of trust in science

Where the values of research integrity meets the potential of AI and cutting-edge technology, great things can happen.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

Using early-stage research as a catalyst for digital transformation

This ebook explores the need for digital transformation in scholarly publishing and how early-stage research can help respond to calls for innovation.
[ Digital transformation ]

Build the future with digital transformation

The time of digital transformation is here, but we're here to help with user-friendly workflows and a platform that priortizes community and the impact of early-stage research.
[ Member engagement ]

Member retention starts with engagement

Member engagement starts further upstream in the research lifecycle. Our interactive platform builds community while providing insights into what matters to your members.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

The Morressier Difference

Watch a video explaining what we're all about at Morressier, and our mission to accelerate breakthroughs with early-stage research and publishing infrastructure.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

Occam's workflow: streamline and integrate your publishing

The more complex the process, the longer it takes. In a world where access to information is instantaneous, how can we streamline publishing?
[ Early-stage research ]

Science starts with a spark

On our platform, you can organize early-stage research ideas, share them with the world, and archive them for the permanent scientific record.
[ Research integrity ]

Retractions impact more than your reputation

Research integrity is the cornerstone of scholarly publishing, but how can our publishing workflows evolve for today's scale and complex ecosystem?
[ Product information ]

Grow your community and extend your event's longevity

Conference hubs are the flexible tool you need for virtual or hybrid event management for your scholarly, scientific, or research conference.
[ Product information ]

Create the community for tomorrow's leaders in our libraries

Early-stage research finds a home in our Research Libraries, and you can extend its value with enriched user profiles and dashboards to track analytics.
[ Product information ]

The best of technology for your publishing workflows

The peer review workflows of the future are streamlined, enhanced with manuscript checks throughout the process, with select steps automated to improve speed.
[ Research integrity ]

Better Research Integrity starts with early-stage research

Early-stage research is the frontier for better research integrity. Download this free eBook & find out how technology powers this aspect of peer review.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

How partnerships unlock scholarly publishing opportunities

Strategic partnerships between scholarly societies and technology organizations are a way to plan for an uncertain future. Discover more.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

Driving audience engagement for your content and conferences

Your community's newest ideas are shared at conferences. Give them the experience they want and keep them coming back year after year with flexible, hybrid options.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

Stronger Together: A Vision for the future of interdisciplinary collaboration

The purpose of this whitepaper is to outline the need for sharing scientific research and resources across disciplines. We will share our experience of working with academic and scientific research teams to improve their approach and overcome challenges.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

Our vision for Integrated publishing infrastructure

Connecting the puzzle pieces of publishing infrastructure will ensure that research is shared efficiently and effectively. How can we develop the infrastructure of the future?
[ Product information ]

Optimize your impact with the Morressier platform

Our integrated, interoperable platform removes redundancies and accelerates scientific publishing with the best workflows available.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

Sustainable Revenue

This guide explains how to combine innovative research with impactful technology in order to attain sustainability in revenue.
[ Research integrity ]

The power of global access

You can't build diversity, equity, and inclusion in your member community without the digital transformation of your infrastructure and publishing workflows.
[ Digital transformation ]

The future of scientific conferences is hybrid

There's no return to normal for academic conferences. With virtual more accessible and eco-friendly, organizers need to chart a new course for their member community.
[ Digital transformation ]

Technology Partnerships

This guide explores the power of technology-driven integrations.
[ Accelerating publishing ]

How to use conferences to accelerate impact

Academic conferences hold the key to research impact, with data on emerging trends and leadership opportunities for early career researchers.
[ ] February 20, 2024

[ ] February 20, 2024