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[ Research Integrity ] February 14, 2024

Can your eyes be trusted? Exploring image manipulation in research

Image manipulation poses a huge threat to scholarly publishing. Listen to recent case studies and dive into our partnership with imagetwin as we confront this challenge head-on
[ Research Integrity ] February 9, 2024

Elevate your community’s integrity with this month’s releases

Elevate your brand presence and gain comprehensive insights into your journal's health with this month's product updates.
[ Research Integrity ] February 2, 2024

What tools should we use in the fight against data fabrication?

Despite the focus on plagiarism, the scholarly landscape is tackling many forms of misconduct, with data fabrication currently taking center stage. Explore recent cases and potential solutions.
[ Publishing Workflows ] January 22, 2024

Should science speed up or slow down?: 3 things we learned at APE 2024

Discover insights from our experience at this year’s APE (Academic Publishing in Europe) Conference.
[ RESEARCH INTEGRITY ] January 18, 2024

The robot uprising is here: is scholarly publishing ready?

We need speed. We need integrity. Instead of allowing the role of AI to stay murky and ambiguous in the publishing process, let’s identify the power of human contributions and the power of machine contributions.
[ Research Integrity ] January 17, 2024

Tackling the paper mill proliferation

Between 1.5% and 2% of all papers published in 2022 came from paper mills. Discover how Morressier is joining forces with Clear Skies to put a stop to this rise with the most advanced tools available.
[ Publishing Workflows ] January 4, 2024

Unlock precision and integrity with our new innovations

Explore the powerful product enhancements that we’re kicking off the year with.
[ Research Integrity ] December 22, 2023

Morressier Mythbusters: Tackling misinformation head-on

Watch as our team debunks long-held myths and misconceptions to uncover the truth!
[ Research Integrity ] December 6, 2023

The problem with the pressure to publish

The pressure to publish is creating integrity issues and fueling predatory entities in academia. Discover how our community can implement a mindset shift.
[ Research Integrity ] November 16, 2023

What did we learn at the Charleston Library Conference?

The Charleston Library Conference was full of trends, insights, and learnings. See our team's key takeaways.
[ Publishing Workflows ] November 22, 2023

5 technologies shaping scholarly publishing in 2024

Discover the exciting trends we’re looking forward to in the next year from AI to cloud computing, and more.
[ RESEARCH INTEGRITY ] November 13, 2023

How retractions turn into scandals

Discover the value that retractions can bring to the scholarly community and the importance of reducing stigma.
[ PUBLISHING WORKFLOWS ] November 6, 2023

3 ways scaling up scholarly publishing can improve research integrity

Dive into our latest Product Release Notes to discover why scalability and integrity go hand in hand.
[ PUBLISHING WORKFLOWS ] October 29, 2023

Do we see the legacy of the Luddites in today's publishing world?

Discover how the Luddites' story can shed light on today's concerns about the role of AI in peer review and scholarly publishing.
[ RESEARCH INTEGRITY ] October 25, 2023

3 ways technology can reshape research integrity and equity

Discover how emerging technology can bring increased diversity, equity, and inclusion to the research community.
[ Publishing Workflows ] October 17, 2023

Coping with AI anxiety and pioneering authorship: SSP New Directions Recap

Discover insights from SSP's New Directions Seminar 2023 from Morressier Head of Content Samantha Green.
[ RESEARCH INTEGRITY ] October 13, 2023

AI Across Generations: Diverse perspectives on the future of technology

What are the differing views on AI between early-career researchers and their more experienced peers? Delve into the findings from Morressier’s Research Integrity Survey to uncover insights.
[ Research Integrity ] October 11, 2023

Are research integrity attitudes consistent across generations?

Morressier’s Research Integrity Survey explored significant trends in the academic community, discovering diverse opinions. Let’s dive into differences in integrity attitudes between early-career and senior academics.
[ Publishing Workflows ] October 3, 2023

Ethics, trust, and technology in scholarly publishing

Discover insights on trust, transparency, and technology from Morressier’s Research Integrity Survey.
[ Publishing Workflows ] September 28, 2023

How can we balance the needs of all stakeholders in peer review?

Discover insights on tailoring peer review to stakeholder needs from Morressier’s recent webinar with IOP Publishing, hosted by Research Information.
[ Research Integrity ] September 26, 2023

Rethinking Peer Review: From Critiques to Innovations

Join us as we delve into all things peer review, from the system’s early critics to what the future holds.
[ Research Integrity ] September 19, 2023

My integrity journey

Listen to Morressier Director of Sales Jake Kelleher’s story, as he explores his college experience with integrity, plagiarism, and the pressure to publish.
[ Research Integrity ] September 13, 2023

The value of your society's brand for research integrity

Building your society’s brand identity is more than just choosing fonts and colors. Learn why these decisions are critical to establishing your community’s credibility.
[ Research Integrity ] September 6, 2023

Depth vs. breadth in peer reviewer expertise

Navigating the peer review landscape can mean a balancing act between specialization and interdisciplinary collaboration. Learn how to stay on the right track.
[ RESEARCH INTEGRITY ] August 30, 2023

How whistleblowers are exposing the truth about academia

Learn about the role that whistleblowers play in protecting the academic record.
[ Publishing Workflows ] August 25, 2023

Do conference proceedings really matter?

Discover the critical value that conference proceedings hold and the key to ensuring the integrity of early-stage research.
[ Research Integrity ] August 11, 2023

Why integrity matters to me

Discover one Morressier team member’s personal journey towards believing in better research integrity.
[ Research Integrity ] August 8, 2023

Fighting fraud: become a research integrity detective

Catch up with our recent webinar, and review answers to attendees’ questions.
[ Research Integrity ] July 25, 2023

Unmasking reality in the age of image manipulation

What can we learn from recent examples of image manipulation in research?
[ Publishing Workflows ] July 20, 2023

4 steps to boosting integrity through author ID verification

How is author ID verification driving the scholarly community forward? Find out on our blog.
[ Publishing Workflows ] July 7, 2023

How our latest releases are redefining integrity and innovation

Check out how our latest product releases are setting new standards for integrity and efficiency.
[ RESEARCH INTEGRITY ] June 30, 2023

Research integrity unraveling: Recent cases of fraud and misconduct

Dive into recent captivating cases of academic misconduct and exciting new tools built to safeguard research integrity.
[ Research Integrity ] June 22, 2023

How can we find the balance between publishing more and publishing better?

How can our industry walk the tightrope between publishing more and publishing better? We explore the far-reaching implications on different academic stakeholders.
[ RESEARCH INTEGRITY ] June 15, 2023

Are authors responsible for research integrity?

Should authors be more proactive in safeguarding the integrity of their research? Learn how technological and cultural shifts can make a difference.
[ Research Integrity ] June 8, 2023

Transformative times for scholarly publishing at SSP 2o23

After a whirlwind SSP, we look back at the themes of trust, transparency, and research integrity on the top of attendees' minds.
[ Publishing Workflows ] June 2, 2023

Unleash the possibilities of our latest product releases

Discover the story behind our partnership with ASCE and their new conference video library.
[ Research Integrity ] May 30, 2023

The questions we’re asking at SSP 2o23

Morressier CGO Othman Altalib explores some of the topics we’re thinking about as we gear up for SSP 2023.
[ Research Integrity ] May 18, 2023

14 ways our Submission Checks are helping researchers publish with confidence

Discover the various ways our tools can expand and accelerate the possibilities of scientific research.
[ Publishing Workflows ] May 12, 2023

The transformative power of scalable workflows

Discover the bold future you can unlock for your community through technology.
[ Publishing Workflows ] May 3, 2023

How our new products can help you reimagine your annual conference

Learn about the new tools we’ve created to help you enhance your annual conference.
[ Publishing Workflows ] April 28, 2023

3 ways single-sign on is accelerating the speed of science

Discover the ways single-sign on (SSO) can bring greater speed and efficiency to your community.
[ Publishing Workflows ] April 26, 2023

The surprise strength of leading with product development

We caught up with our VP of Product to explore Morressier's product roadmap and the power of revolutionary technology for scholarly publishing.
[ Publishing Workflows ] April 15, 2023

Creating powerful partnerships to expand membership offerings

Discover the story behind our partnership with ASCE and their new conference video library.
[ Publishing Workflows ] April 13, 2023

A budget-friendly guide to organizing a conference

We’ve gathered our top tips and tricks for planning your conference on a budget.
[ Publishing Workflows ] April 6, 2023

How our latest releases are resolving publishing’s biggest pain points

Discover the impact of our March releases on journal editors and peer reviewers.
[ Research Integrity ] March 23, 2023

We can't improve peer review without publishing data

How can data and analytics tools help transform peer review for the better?
[ Research Integrity ] March 14, 2023

Who pays the price for peer review?

Peer review needs an efficiency upgrade. Is compensating reviewers a viable solution?
[ Blog Archives ] March 8, 2023

“You can’t be what you can’t see”: An interview on building gender equity in science

In honor of International Women's Day, hear from Dr. Rosie Ross, a female researcher in the Morressier community, on her scientific research journey and the importance of increasing gender equity.
[ Research Integrity ] March 7, 2023

The humble beginnings of peer review

Peer review is the cornerstone of scientific publishing, so let's look back at where it all began and how it has evolved.
[ Publishing Workflows ] February 28, 2023

In our digital world, is traditional journal publishing enough?

With new technologies emerging every day, what formats will you choose to bring your community’s ideas to the world?
[ Publishing Workflows ] February 25, 2023

Potential, power, and questions: Artificial Intelligence in scholarly publishing

How can scholarly publishing navigate the future with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other emerging technologies?
[ Publishing Workflows ] February 17, 2023

How can AI impact every step of the research process?

Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and automated systems can transform and accelerate the research lifecycle.
[ Publishing Workflows ] February 9, 2023

The history of 'disruption' in scholarly publishing

No industry is immune to disruptive innovation. Let's take a look back at how digitization and Open Access have been part of the technological revolution.
[ Research Integrity ] January 31, 2023

To automate or not to automate: That is the peer review question

Peer review workflows are varied, but there's broad agreement that they can be cumbersome and time consuming. Discover if automation is the answer.
[ Publishing Workflows ] January 27, 2023

How are open access practices fueling the article economy?

Learn about how implementing open science practices across the scholarly community can boost the article economy.
[ Publishing Workflows ] January 19, 2023

The year ahead: Morressier’s path forward on proven ground

As we begin this year, I want to take stock of our journey so far, and look forward to our path in 2023 and beyond.
[ Blog Archives ] January 19, 2023

3 things we learned at APE 2o23

Discover exciting insights and exchanges from APE’s 2023 conference.
[ Publishing Workflows ] January 10, 2023

How Morressier’s Registration & Ticketing tool will transform scientific event management

Sign up attendees and charge conference ticket fees for your future event. Discover Morressier’s Registration & Ticketing features
[ Research Integrity ] January 12, 2023

Using peer review to detect AI-generated scientific papers

Peer review is an essential step in the scientific publishing process, but can it successfully identify and prevent the submission of AI-generated papers?
[ Publishing Workflows ] January 9, 2023

How can we make peer review and other administrative tasks easier for researchers?

Learn how emerging technologies can give time back to researchers and relieve them from tedious administrative tasks.
[ Blog Archives ] December 30, 2022

2o22: a year of growth for Morressier

Let's take a look back at Morressier's growth in 2022, and celebrate the teams and their achievements.
[ Publishing Workflows ] December 21, 2022

New Year's resolutions for scholarly publishing

What do Morressier's leaders hope for scholarly publishing in 2023? Read on to find out.
[ Blog Archives ] December 15, 2022

The year in review: Highlights on 2o22 Open Access trends

A recap of topics and Open Access talking points that made rounds in 2022.
[ Research Integrity ] December 9, 2022

Trust in science: Highlights on 2o22 research integrity trends

The year in review: a recap of topics and research integrity talking points that made rounds in 2022.
[ Research Integrity ] December 2, 2022

How can we fight predatory practices in research?

Learn about the rise of predatory conferences and journals and how we can put a stop to it.
[ Publishing Workflows ] November 29, 2022

What impact do persistent identifiers have on scholarly communication?

Persistent Identifiers connect researchers with their work, making it easy to find and cite. Find out how PIDs are empowering scholarly communication.
[ Research Integrity ] November 23, 2022

Meet the new faces of plagiarism

Learn more about what plagiarism looks like and how we can tackle it through collaboration and early-stage research.
[ Publishing Workflows ] November 21, 2022

The Many Ways Technology Has Shaped the Research Ecosystem

The scientific research ecosystem has seen several advances in the use of technology; what impact is it having on early-stage research? Learn more.
[ Publishing Workflows ] November 17, 2022

4 ways societies can use conferences to predict their publishing future

The future of publishing may seem unclear, but with early-stage research and your annual conference proceedings you can enlighten your path.
[ Publishing Workflows ] December 6, 2022

Innovation and scholarly publishing: the importance of adopting digital solutions

The publishing industry needs to facilitate the dissemination of research and ensure equitable access to knowledge. Here's how digital innovation can assist
[ Research Integrity ] November 14, 2022

Where are your next generation of peer reviewers coming from?

Why is it so hard to find peer reviewers? Let’s explore how you can find quality reviewers and fill that gap.
[ Publishing Workflows ] November 7, 2022

3 Ways data can be used to advance scholarly publishing

Learn more on how data insights can help facilitate research dissemination and improve scholarly publishing models for revenue sustainability and growth.
[ Blog Archives ] November 2, 2022

Check out the latest scientific discoveries - long before they’re published

Get a special look at the latest research from our platform before it’s been published.
[ Research Integrity ] October 27, 2022

How emerging topics are shaping ethics in the research community

Understanding emerging research ethics that affect the scientific community and how early-stage research holds the key to the evolution of these models.
[ Blog Archives ] October 14, 2022

Public sector rationale on Open Access: facts and talking points

Can early-stage research hold the answers to an all-inclusive Open Access model? Find out Morressier's idea for an improved scholarly publishing ecosystem.
[ Publishing Workflows ] October 19, 2022

The future of open access

The open access movement is gaining momentum. But what are the current trends dominating the OA landscape and what tools will open access need to succeed?
[ Research Integrity ] October 7, 2022

How does research affect our world, our economy, and our lives?

Research continues to affect all of us long after it is shared. But what are these impacts and how can we measure them?
[ Blog Archives ] September 30, 2022

The OSTP memo effects on Open Access, paywalls, and science

The OSTP memorandum mandates free and immediate access to publicly funded research. What does this mean for Open Access and the scientific community?
[ Research Integrity ] September 23, 2022

How conference organizers can improve research credibility and impact

Conferences can be so much more than presentations and discussions. Virtual libraries can help bring attention to proceedings for better impact on science
[ Research Integrity ] September 21, 2022

How open peer review can help us harness the power of early-stage research

Discover how introducing early-stage research to open peer review models can open new doors for scholarly communications.
[ Research Integrity ] September 14, 2022

Fraud in research and the tangible cost of retractions

Retractions due to research misconduct continue to rise. Although they seem like a quick fix for undetected fraud, journals can face serious losses.
[ Publishing Workflows ] September 14, 2022

How can we reshape academic publishing business models for the future?

Sharing reliable research has never been more important, but first the business model of academic publishing needs to change. Find out how on our blog.
[ Research Integrity ] September 9, 2022

Who's responsible for research integrity? Publishers, researchers, or conference organizers

Insights for publishers, researchers, and conference organizers on why research integrity is important and how misconduct can affect the future of science.
[ Publishing Workflows ] September 2, 2022

Impact Factor: Its effects, significance, and limitations for early-stage research

The industry needs more innovative metric systems to better evaluate the impact of any research work. Could early-stage research provide the key?
[ Research Integrity ] August 30, 2022

Rethinking research competition to save scientific collaboration

Why the science industry should rethink collaboration and competition in research publishing and focus on developing more impactful publications.
[ Blog Archives ] August 26, 2022

How to increase member retention for your organization

Discover how you can make sure your members remain engaged and loyal as time passes and industries evolve.
[ Publishing Workflows ] August 16, 2022

Is early-stage research the next frontier for open access?

Open access publishing is still evolving across different disciplines and regions of the world. What impacts can it make on early-stage research? Find out
[ Publishing Workflows ] August 11, 2022

What is a collaboratory?

Combining the power of collaboration with the innovation of a laboratory will lead to a more engaged member community and improve trust in science.
[ Publishing Workflows ] August 10, 2022

AI in peer review: 5 ways it can improve your workflow efficiency

Find out how AI can potentially improve efficiency in peer review and allow you ensure better publication quality and solve research integrity challenges
[ Publishing Workflows ] July 25, 2022

Video as a science communication tool

Visual science communication has enabled the research collaborations that power today’s innovations. Find out the benefits of using video for communication.
[ Blog Archives ] July 21, 2022

Recent trends rocking the research community

Discover the latest research trending on our platform.
[ Publishing Workflows ] July 14, 2022

The risk and reward balance in scholarly publishing

The world of scholarly communication needs digital transformation, but will it ever come to pass without trusted partnerships? Find out more!
[ Research Integrity ] July 8, 2022

Research integrity: An evolving challenge for scholarly publishers

What is research integrity, and how does it affect scholarly publishing? Discover the trends, challenges, and solutions for better research content quality.
[ Publishing Workflows ] June 17, 2022

The future of science: Embracing change and sustainability in revenue management

Revenue management remains one of the leading topics in the changing scientific world. We are sharing ways you can better adapt to the ongoing change.
[ Blog Archives ] June 2, 2022

Member collaboration and early-career researchers

Finding the right people to collaborate with is one of the biggest challenges for early career researchers (ECRs). Here's how to make that work effectively
[ Blog Archives ] July 8, 2020

How to design an effective virtual poster

Learn how to create impactful and compelling virtual posters for your next conference.
[ Publishing Workflows ] May 27, 2022

Our favorite product features on the Morressier platform

Read what some of our in-house experts say about the exciting products and features they have been working on to improve the Morressier platform.
[ Blog Archives ] May 26, 2022

The questions we're asking at SSP 2o22

From technology providing access to research, to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, to connecting research outputs across the research lifecycle
[ Publishing Workflows ] May 12, 2022

Reintroducing Morressier: Everything you need to know

We get a lot of curiosity about what products Morressier is working on and the purpose of early-stage research. We've gathered some FAQs here for you.
[ Blog Archives ] April 12, 2021

Morressier Conference Highlights Q4 2o2o

Welcome to our quarterly blog series, where we take a moment to highlight a few of the societies and organizations we are working with each quarter.
[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

[ Publishing Workflows ] April 16, 2024

[ Publishing Workflows ] April 16, 2024

[ Publishing Workflows ] April 16, 2024

[ Publishing Workflows ] April 16, 2024

[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

[ Publishing Workflows ] April 16, 2024

[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

[ Publishing Workflows ] April 16, 2024

The future of member engagement

[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

[ Research Integrity ] April 16, 2024

[ Research Integrity ] April 16, 2024

[ Research Integrity ] April 16, 2024

[ Publishing Workflows ] April 16, 2024

[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

Four reasons why now is the best time to be an early-career researcher

[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

[ Publishing Workflows ] April 16, 2024

[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

[ Publishing Workflows ] April 16, 2024

[ Blog Archives ] April 16, 2024

Top Trends and Focuses for Libraries in 2o21

[ ] April 16, 2024