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[ TOOLS FOR RESEARCHERS ] September 23, 2022

How conference organizers can improve research credibility and impact

Conferences can be so much more than presentations and discussions. Virtual libraries can help bring attention to proceedings for better impact on science
[ Industry trends ] September 21, 2022

How open peer review can help us harness the power of early-stage research

Discover how introducing early-stage research to open peer review models can open new doors for scholarly communications.
[ Industry trends ] September 14, 2022

Fraud in research and the tangible cost of retractions

Retractions due to research misconduct continue to rise and although they seem like a quick fix for undetected fraud, journals can face serious losses.
[ Industry trends ] September 14, 2022

How can we reshape academic publishing business models for the future?

Sharing reliable research has never been more important, but first the business model of academic publishing needs to change. Find out how on our blog.
[ TOOLS FOR RESEARCHERS ] September 9, 2022

Who's responsible for research integrity? Publishers, researchers, or conference organizers

Insights for publishers, researchers, and conference organizers on why research integrity is important and how misconduct can affect the future of science.
[ INDUSTRY TRENDS ] September 2, 2022

Impact Factor: Its effects, significance, and limitations for early-stage research

The industry needs more innovative metric systems to better evaluate the impact of any research work. Could early-stage research provide the key?
[ TOOLS FOR RESEARCHERS ] August 30, 2022

Rethinking research competition to save scientific collaboration

Why the science industry should rethink collaboration and competition in research publishing and focus on developing more impactful publications.
[ MEMBER ENGAGEMENT ] August 26, 2022

How to increase member retention for your organization

Discover how you can make sure your members remain engaged and loyal as time passes and industries evolve.
[ INDUSTRY TRENDS ] August 16, 2022

Is early-stage research the next frontier for open access?

Open access publishing is still evolving across different disciplines and regions of the world. What impacts can it make on early-stage research? Find out
[ INDUSTRY TRENDS ] August 11, 2022

What is a collaboratory?

Combining the power of collaboration with the innovation of a laboratory will lead to a more engaged member community and improve trust in science.
[ INNOVATIONS & UPDATES ] August 10, 2022

AI in peer review: 5 ways it can improve your workflow efficiency

Find out how AI can potentially improve efficiency in peer review and allow you ensure better publication quality and solve research integrity challenges

Video as a science communication tool

Visual science communication has enabled the research collaborations that power today’s innovations. Find out the benefits of using video for communication
[ INDUSTRY TRENDS ] July 21, 2022

Recent trends rocking the research community

Discover the latest research trending on our platform.
[ INDUSTRY TRENDS ] July 14, 2022

The risk and reward balance in scholarly publishing

The world of scholarly communication needs digital transformation, but without trusted partnerships, will it ever come to pass?
[ Innovations & updates ] July 8, 2022

Research integrity: An evolving challenge for scholarly publishers

What is research integrity, and how does it affect scholarly publishing? Discover the trends, challenges, and solutions for better research content quality
[ Industry trends ] June 17, 2022

The future of science: Embracing change and sustainability in revenue management

Revenue management remains one of the leading topics in the changing scientific world. We are sharing ways you can better adapt to the ongoing change.
[ Member engagement ] June 2, 2022

Member collaboration and early-career researchers

Finding the right people to collaborate with is one of the biggest challenges for early career researchers (ECRs). Here's how to make that work effectively
[ Tools for researchers ] July 8, 2020

How to design an effective virtual poster

Scientific posters offer an excellent way to get your message across in a short space of time.
[ Innovations & updates ] May 27, 2022

Our favorite product features on the Morressier platform

Read what some of our in-house experts say about the exciting products and features they have been working on to improve the Morressier platform.
[ Industry trends ] May 26, 2022

The questions we’re asking at SSP 2022

From technology providing access to research, to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, to connecting research outputs across the research lifecycle
[ Innovations & updates ] May 12, 2022

Reintroducing Morressier: Everything you need to know

We get a lot of curiosity about what products Morressier is working on and the purpose of early-stage research. We've gathered some FAQs here for you.
[ Innovations & updates ] April 12, 2021

Morressier Conference Highlights

Welcome to our quarterly blog series, where we take a moment to highlight a few of the societies and organizations we are working with each quarter.
[ Innovations & updates ] April 28, 2022

Do Hybrid Conferences Provide Better Attendee Experience?

Effective ways to create balance between in-person and virtual conferences with hybrid solutions that deliver better engagement and attendee experience.
[ Industry trends ] April 15, 2022

Why virtual libraries are the best place to get your research noticed

Discover how and why online conference libraries can help you get your research the attention it deserves.
[ Industry trends ] May 5, 2022

5 ways to achieve your goals with research libraries

With more information out there on the internet than one could ever consume, how can we create trusted sources to meet the needs of learners everywhere?
[ Member engagement ] April 11, 2022

What does the next generation of members want from conferences?

Early career researchers are the future of member organizations, but these technology natives have new demands and new priorities.
[ Member engagement ] March 29, 2022

How to organize an effective virtual conference: Key tips we've learned from our clients

In this post, we will explore the key tips you should follow when hosting a virtual conference.
[ Industry trends ] March 8, 2022

Women's Participation Rates are 253% Higher at Virtual Conferences. Here's Why.

Learn about how the recent shift to digital formats is affecting women in STEM.
[ Member engagement ] February 24, 2022

Your Community’s Research Can’t Exist in a Vacuum

How can your early-stage research get out of siloes from disciplines and sectors. Can industry sponsorship and partnership make conferences more sustainable?
[ Member engagement ] February 2, 2022

Help your members connect at virtual conferences

Members need conferences to connect. How does that happen virtually? Morressier has options for everyone.
[ Member engagement ] January 21, 2022

The Future of Member Engagement

How do today and tomorrow's society members want to be engaged? How can we build virtual communities that capture the same energy as in-person networking?
[ Tools for researchers ] November 29, 2021

Make your presentation 22 times more memorable

Tell a story with your data and make your presentation more memorable to colleagues and potential collaborators.
[ Industry trends ] September 29, 2021

What researchers are learning about climate change

Early-stage research on climate change gives us the latest thoughts and ideas from across the research community.
[ Industry trends ] September 8, 2021

Trending Topics in Sudanese Research

Discover impactful and engaging research from the 2021 Sudan Studies Research Conference.
[ Industry trends ] September 8, 2021

What the latest Covid research reveals about vaccine hesitancy, class-based health risks, and more

Vaccine hesitancy, class-based health risks and more in the latest early-stage research about COVID-19.
[ Industry trends ] August 12, 2021

Four posters that made the biggest impact on our team

Read about the early-stage research that inspires our team, and keeps us all motivated to enable learners around the world.
[ Tools for researchers ] November 30, 2021

Four Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to be an Early-Career Researcher

Early-career researchers have the power to shape academia. Why is now a good time to start your research journey?
[ Tools for researchers ] July 19, 2021

Making the Switch from Academia to Industry

Is academia the career for you? Consider a shift in industry to alternative sectors for your next science-based career.
[ Tools for researchers ] July 11, 2021

Tips for an effective hybrid presentation

Are you prepared to present at hybrid conferences and events in the coming months?
[ Tools for researchers ] February 16, 2021

Research in the time of Covid: An early-career researcher shares her experience (Part Two)

What has it been like being a researcher in a time when science has become politicized and facts and truths are constantly being manipulated?
[ Industry trends ] May 31, 2021

What now? Scholarly communications in a post-pandemic world

Academic publishing has been forced to consider new technologies, policies, and practices during COVID-19. How do we stay sustainable
[ Industry trends ] April 29, 2021

Reflections on Future of Association Convening: Envisioning for The Sciences Panel

The future of scientific exchange is built on innovating standards models and improving research diversity.
[ Member engagement ] April 27, 2021

Researcher Spotlight: Niny Rao on the value of early-stage research

The author of one of Morressier's most viewed posters on why the scholarly community needs to make conference content more accessible.
[ Industry trends ] March 24, 2021

Tracing the research journey from beginning to end

Conferences are essential to the scientific ecosystem, and they need to be integrated to the rest of the lifecycle via ORCID Ids.
[ Member engagement ] March 5, 2021

The conference is over, now what? Four tips on increasing the lifespan of your event

Discover our top tips for how to amplify your organization’s content post-conference.
[ Tools for researchers ] February 16, 2021

Research in the time of Covid: An early-career researcher shares her experience

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly impacted every corner of our society, and perhaps leaving a space in which we can create something new.
[ Industry trends ] December 16, 2020

The future of conferences is not (just) virtual

The future of conferences is not just virtual. It is hybrid and accessible to a global community of learners.
[ Industry trends ] November 19, 2020

Top Trends and Focuses for Libraries in 2021

Digitization and media literacy, the changing nature of education, open access, and inclusivity are the top trends for libraries in 2021.
[ Industry trends ] November 6, 2020

“Impactful Meetings in Times of Crisis”: Berlin Science Week Panel Discussion

What can scholarly communication learn from a more digital-forward approach? Read a recap of holding scientific meetings during a time of crisis.
[ Innovations & updates ] October 13, 2020

Morressier Conference Highlights Q4 2020

Welcome to our quarterly blog series, where we take a moment to highlight a few of the societies and organizations we are working with each quarter.
[ Member engagement ] September 22, 2020

Seven steps to a great virtual conference RFP

Find out how a well-designed RFP can help you find the perfect platform partner for your next virtual conference - and save you time and money in the process.
[ Innovations & updates ] June 25, 2020

"Virtual conferences have arrived and are going to stay" - A conversation with Morressier's CTO

Morressier co-founder and CTO Rino Montiel discusses how research organizations can adjust to the unique challenges that COVID presents.
[ Industry trends ] June 11, 2020

Checks and balances in early-stage research

Rapid dissemination of research can prove critical to advancing scientific discovery. So why are early stage research findings often not integrated?
[ Innovations & updates ] July 9, 2020

Morressier Quarterly Conference Highlights Q3 2020

Come meet a few societies and research organizations partnering with Morressier.
[ Industry trends ] June 8, 2020

When conferences go virtual – a Professor's view

Dr. Shalini Prasad, Head of Department of Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering at University of Texas at Dallas shares virtual conference experience.
[ Tools for researchers ] July 2, 2020

How to make a virtual presentation

We’ve put together some tips and best practices to guide you through your virtual presentation.
[ Member engagement ] May 22, 2020

When conferences go virtual – a PhD student's view

An early-career researcher provides his virtual conference experience.
[ Innovations & updates ] May 13, 2020

The case for connecting early-stage research

The journal article is recognized as the authorized outcome of scientific research, but what of the steps it took to get there?
[ Member engagement ] February 15, 2018

How to effectively market your conference

We sat down with Kyley Picov, the Director of Marketing from Kenes Group to discover her tips on how to make an impact with your conference.
[ Tools for researchers ] April 14, 2020

Top tips for disseminating your early-stage research

Discover the best practices for distributing early-stage research and ensuring that your work is easily accessed.
[ Tools for researchers ] March 31, 2020

Early-career researchers and digital networking

Discover how early career researchers can continue to build upon their work and make critical connections with peers in a post-pandemic world.
[ Innovations & updates ] December 3, 2021

Tracing the journey of research on diet and menopause, two years on

Hear about the impact of exposure at academic conferences from a researcher from the Nutrition Society.
[ Tools for researchers ] November 7, 2019

Why social scientists should engage early in the research life cycle

The benefits that social scientists might find in engaging early with the research life cycle.
[ Innovations & updates ] October 18, 2019

The Tech Threat: Are Academic Meetings Replaceable

New technologies and scholarly communication tools may seem like a threat to the exchange of ideas that used to take place exclusively at academic meetings.
[ Innovations & updates ] October 17, 2019

Investigating new links in oral fluid and eating disorders

As part of our ongoing series, we are continuing to highlight research from our platform that has gone on to publication.
[ Tools for researchers ] August 28, 2019

Unraveling the winding path of research

Building a more complete understanding of the research life-cycle and attempting to shorten its span is a significant part of what we do at Morressier.
[ Member engagement ] July 16, 2019

How to attract talent to your academic conference

Discover how can you ensure that you are attracting the best talent to your academic conference.
[ Member engagement ] June 12, 2019

Why conference management tools need a good UX

Intuitive UX design and ease of use mean that organizers can spend more time creating the best conference experience and less time juggling multiple complicated technologies.
[ Member engagement ] August 16, 2019

Five ways to increase your conference’s exposure

In this post you’ll find five key ways to take your conference to the next level and get it in front of as many interested researchers as possible.
[ Member engagement ] January 14, 2019

Security risks conference organizers can't ignore

To help you avoid any nasty surprises when organizing an event we’ve put together a list of technology tips that will help protect your attendees throughout the conference.
[ Member engagement ] April 18, 2018

Study finds almost half of all medical students suffer from a burnout

Recent research shows that a career in medicine can be highly stressful and challenging.

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