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[ FUTURE OF PUBLISHING ] December 30, 2022

2o22: a year of growth for Morressier

By Sami Benchekroun

It's hard to believe how fast 2022 has flown by. This time last year, I was living in Berlin, anticipating my family’s move to the US to grow the team stateside. While I spend more of my time looking forward than looking back, I think it's so important to reflect back on how far we’ve come in just twelve months. I’m unbelievably proud of our accomplishments, and equally as excited to continue to build in 2023, and put many of the ideas of this year into action.

How the platform has evolved

Where to begin with our platform? Our vision is a format-agnostic publishing workflow, where the entire process lives in the browser. That means an efficient and fully integrated workflow for research, whether its conference posters, presentations, videos, conference proceedings from manuscript submission to peer review and hosting content: end-to-end. Every aspect of our workflow is purpose-built for the best research integrity possible, using the power of technology (e.g. AI and ML) to support peer reviewers and make their jobs easier and simply a treat. 

On a feature level, our team has produced an astounding number of new benefits for our users - more than 60 new capabilities and enhancements - to improve and expand the platform. From offering the ability to host Proceedings Articles in Research Libraries, to expanded offerings for Virtual and Hybrid Meetings, not to mention our integration with Ringgold. A massive achievement for our team. 

I really could keep talking about our platform forever, but I won’t. Instead, there’s one more aspect of how our platform has evolved that I’m really excited about: data. We know how critical user insights and behaviors are to our society and publishing partners, so we’ve built integrations into our system that supercharge our ability to understand emerging trends and topics, and find new leaders - perhaps future reviewers or editors. Our platform now provides robust insights that can be used for editorial decision-making, and for evaluating the impact of early-stage research for your community. 


How our partnerships have evolved

As time moves further away from the darkest days of COVID, our conversations with societies and publishing partners have changed. In 2020 and 2021, we were a mission critical partner in a time of crisis - helping to keep the groundbreaking academic conversations from meetings and conferences afloat in these times of turmoil. But in 2022, the world is travelling again and beginning to find its footing. That means big things for Morressier. 

Publishers and society leaders are seeing the value of early-stage research, sharing and connecting with researchers further upstream in the lifecycle. Whether they need insights on emerging topics in a discipline to support editorial decision-making, or to diversify revenue streams with new offering of exclusive content, Morressier’s platform has been built with flexibility for our partners in mind. But don’t just take my word for it - our customer satisfaction scores have grown 20% this year alone!

This year has been one of momentum. And we’re so excited to already see that going into next year and beyond. 

But most importantly we have  added so many incredible new partners onto our platform: Lighthouse clients that pave the way for a new age for scholarly communication. A new age of scale, research integrity and innovation. We couldn't be more proud to offer business critical digital infrastructure for our partners. So much more to come.


How our team has evolved

None of the developments on our platform or in our partnerships would be possible without the growth of our team. We’ve welcomed great new team members around the world this year at every level of the organization. It has been so exciting to see the new expertise on our leadership team in action. Our team has diverse backgrounds and experiences, but one thing in common: a shared belief in our mission at Morressier to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and change the way science is being processed and organized: at scale with a full focus on trust and integrity. 

This year has been challenging, exciting, and very special for Morressier. As I close out the year, I want to end on a note of ‘thank yous’ and appreciation. Thanks to our team, for their ideas and commitment to Morressier. Thanks to our partners, for their trust to grow and develop together - and to bring our shared vision to life. And thanks to this incredibly important community, which sees the same value in supporting science on its way from ‘the bench to our lives' through streamlined workflows for scholarly communication. We believe this combination of technology, data, and design will continue to advance humanity.

Cheers to 2022, and here’s to a beautiful, crazy, wonderful, impactful 2023!


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