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[ RESEARCH INTEGRITY ] February 9, 2024

Elevate your community’s integrity with this month’s releases

Empower your brand presence, elevate image duplication detection, and more with this month's Product Releases!

Boost your brand and ditch duplications

As your event approaches, keeping your audience engaged with impactful details becomes crucial. This month, we've introduced a feature designed to empower societies and publishers in enhancing their brand identity and elevating event communication. Ready to make a lasting impression?

Integrate your brand seamlessly into every email—add logos, brand colors, and website links. Customize publisher-level email templates for a cohesive and professional experience across all events. Tailor the tone, style, and content to match your brand voice and audience preferences.

But that's not all. We're making sure you use only the resources you need. With our new bulk uploading feature, experience the convenience of automatic duplicate detection, saving you from manual audits. Our system instantly spots and alerts you to redundant uploads, maintaining a tidy document library and preventing charges for unnecessary duplicates.

Joining forces for better image manipulation detection

Just a few weeks ago, allegations surfaced that four senior researchers at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute had falsified data in multiple papers, as claimed by data sleuth Sholto David. This incident adds to a series of stories in recent years highlighting academic misconduct at prestigious institutions. While shedding light on the state of research integrity and the impact of publication pressures, the key takeaway is the insight it provides into solutions addressing the rising issue of misconduct.

David used a combination of AI image analysis software, Imagetwin, and human eye to scrutinize the papers. By using ImageTwin, David was able to uncover and share his findings faster, and its use played a key role in making the revelation possible in the first place.

According to Elizabeth Bik, "Duplications are found in around 4% of papers that contain at least one photo." In a proactive approach to tackle this trend, we have integrated Imagetwin into our comprehensive suite of third-party solutions. This integration ensures the highest standards of integrity for our users of Integrity on Demand, enabling automatic detection of image manipulation issues.

At Morressier, our commitment to problem-solving drives us to collaborate with the most powerful tools available in the market. We aim to provide our customers with the best means of identifying misconduct before publication.


Enhanced analytics in Integrity On Demand

When addressing integrity issues, data paints a crucial picture and provides a framework that shapes integrity policies. Recognizing this value, we're introducing volume analytics. Now you can gain insights into your volume's health as part of our commitment to providing publishers with the right tools for decision-making.

Looking ahead, next month we're also planning to expand our research integrity analytics to help you pinpoint areas of concern in your journals. Our insights will empower customers to uncover comprehensive trends and patterns across all their journals, providing a foundation to inform and strengthen their overall integrity policies. Dive into our findings to identify potential integrity issues within individual publications, and develop solutions and strategies for each.

We're your compass for smart decisions, safeguarding the integrity of your publications every step of the way. Stay tuned next month for more updates!

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