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How our latest releases are resolving publishing’s biggest pain points

The current academic publishing system is facing major challenges to scale, which leads to inefficient infrastructure and challenges of quality control. Discover how we’re creating workflows that provide journal editors and peer reviewers with seamless and streamlined experiences in order to maintain high standards and move our industry forward.

Solving problems for journals and editors

The rate of journal article retractions and inconsistent submission standards is rising, with strains on the peer review system resulting in a lack of individuals who are willing and able to validate research efficiently. Even further, associations are struggling to maximize the impact of their conferences and create events that keep attendees returning each year. All of these issues working in conjunction with one another stand to damage the authenticity and reliability of the scholarly record, while also jeopardizing the future of academic events. Learn how we’re making a difference through our latest product updates.


Optimizing the annual meeting

Some of the biggest reasons researchers join societies is to find a place to connect with like-minded peers, build on their ideas, and network. But without robust and agile technologies, how can you offer your attendees a conference experience that satisfies all these needs?

As part of a new suite of free trial services, Morressier is providing organizers with the ability to host an event for free for a limited time. Now, you can gain full access to our flexible virtual and hybrid functionalities to host a meeting of any size. Have your attendees network one-to-one or in groups of up to 50 people, invite speakers and collect presentations on one platform so you can bring your event to life and your community’s ideas to the world.


Upholding writing standards


A large point of frustration for journal editors and peer reviewers comes from having to reject otherwise scientifically sound material when it does not follow the writing standard of a journal. While it may seem like a small issue, when research goes against journal guidelines it loses credibility and creates unnecessary administrative burdens for editors. Yet, authors within the academic community who are constantly under the “pressure to publish” despite slow processes that make it harder to share their work efficiently may unintentionally overlook these guidelines.

Morressier is tackling this issue through our new automated preflight checks service, mission-built to ensure that researchers submit their papers with confidence. For a limited time, authors can submit their paper for free and run it through our quality checks service so they can gain valuable feedback, make sure they meet industry standards, and boost their chances of getting published. We’re transforming the scholarly publishing community with disruptive technologies that provide better quality in a fraction of the time.


Boosting the efficiency of peer review

Peer review is a powerful process that provides research with a necessary stamp of trust. But, as a reproducibility crisis rages on and speed to publication slows, many are calling for change to the system.

We’re upgrading peer review, one step at a time with our  flexible workflows. Now, in addition to graded review scoring, editors and conference organizers on the Morressier platform can ask reviewers to give recommendations on abstracts and papers. Even further, they can give reviewers a set of recommendation options to choose from and observe the most commonly given feedback. Organizers and editors can also now assign different weights to the graded scoring categories in their peer review settings through our weighted peer review scoring feature. 

Through these innovations, we're empowering editors with the ability to tailor the peer review system to support their values while also giving reviewers expanded options when it comes to how they choose to provide their feedback.



These exciting new updates to our platform are just the beginning. At Morressier, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve and streamline how all individuals experience the research lifecycle and publishing journey.

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