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[ Publishing Workflows ] January 4, 2024

Unlock precision and integrity with our new innovations

In 2023, Morressier elevated product development to new heights. Through strategic collaborations with industry leaders, we’ve honed in on the academic community’s biggest pain points. Discover our bold solutions set to redefine the landscape in this new year.


Supercharged search capabilities

In a year marked by a heightened emphasis on integrity, we've embraced the vital role it plays in the scholarly publishing world. What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering tools to organizations that not only prioritize integrity but do so with optimal efficiency, sparing valuable time and resources.

Dive into our latest product feature – upgraded search functionality designed for your Integrity Workspace. Now, you can effortlessly locate  integrity reports by title, ensuring you find precisely what you need in no time. This elevates precision and boosts integrity, all without sacrificing precious time.


Seamless journal navigation with Integrity on Demand

In the academic world, the weight of administrative burdens  and integrity concerns are keenly felt by authors, editors, and publishers in particular. The stressors and resource drain associated with these challenges add bottlenecks and roadblocks to scientific progress. But, our team is on a mission to revolutionize the entire research lifecycle, and alleviate the burdens faced by every academic stakeholder.

Rooted in our commitment to scalability, accessibility, and efficiency, with Integrity On Demand, you’re now able to seamlessly navigate between multiple journals. With our newly introduced journal selector drop-down menu in the Integrity Workspace, juggling different journals becomes a smooth, simplified, and streamlined experience.


What’s coming up next?

Coming soon, empower your team with a detailed overview of your research volume's health through powerful statistics on the Integrity On Demand dashboard. Whether you prefer a high-level view of volume-level issues or a deep dive into specific check-level problems, our platform equips you with the insights you need.

In 2022, when acknowledging the issue of image manipulation in research, Elizabeth Bik noted that, "Duplications are found in around 4% of papers that contain at least one photo." 

In response to this, we are also enhancing Integrity On Demand with a critical check to identify duplicate images within a submission or across publications. 

For more in-depth details, be sure to check out next month's product release notes!

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