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[ News ] May 24, 2023

Morressier Joins the Fight for Science with Federated Integrity Suite for Authors and Publishers

Morressier releases powerful suite of automated tools to help publishers identify integrity issues early and at scale

Berlin and Washington DC, May 24, 2023 – Morressier announced today an integrity suite that will be offered as part of its end-to-end platform, designed to increase the quality of and trust in the outputs of scientific research.

Pre-flight checks for authors will flag potential quality issues, check for completeness of submissions, and provide recommendations for improvements in areas such as language.

Publishers using the Morressier platform now have access to a powerful suite of automated tools to help them identify integrity issues early and at scale. Plagiarism detection tools in the Morressier platform, for instance, indicate phrases in submissions that may be similar, identical to, or paraphrased from other work, while showing the potential source work in context. Reports are accessible in a powerful but easy-to-use integrity dashboard.

The Morressier publisher integrity suite uses proprietary Morressier technologies as well as federated access to a growing market of third-party solutions. It currently includes: detection of retracted content, paper-mill content, plagiarism, citation manipulation, AI-generated text, and tortured phrases, as well as confirmation of author and co-author identities with a multi-step automatic verification process using Ringgold, ORCiD and other industry standards. A raft of other checks are under development, including salami slicing, and image manipulation. Morressier will be investing heavily to be the first to market with all major solutions to support integrity and quality.

Sami Benchekroun, Morressier co-founder and CEO: “Publishers are facing an integrity crisis due to the rapidly expanding scale of published output, the phenomenal growth in the capabilities of generative AI, and systemic issues that have led to a substantial rise in fraud. We all need to urgently pull together to resolve this. I’m not being dramatic in saying that the future of scientific consensus relies on us winning this fight.”

Jennifer Goodrich, Morressier Vice President of Product: “We are combining Morressier’s proprietary technology and data with a variety of third-party solutions to address a range of integrity issues from image manipulation to paper-mill detection. The benefit to publishers is that we do the heavy lifting of evaluating these evolving solutions and integrating them right where they are needed: in workflows across the publishing lifecycle.”

Othman Altalib, Morressier Chief Growth Officer: “If publishers are going to rise to the integrity challenge, they will need the support of a broad field of innovators. As a tech company that has come into the publishing game, Morressier is bridging the gap between publishers and a rapidly growing set of integrity solution providers. By working together, we aim to make a significant impact in this fight for trust in science.”

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