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[ News ] November 11, 2021

Morressier launches enhanced virtual conference and networking solutions to provide a superior audience experience

Morressier, the virtual conference provider and platform for innovation and knowledge sharing, today announced the launch of its newly enhanced conference navigation and networking solutions. The features are designed to help conference organizers around the globe provide advanced audience engagement, combat digital fatigue, and improve the marketability of their event.

Attendees benefit from an optimized conference journey facilitated by superior navigation and discovery tools, including real-time program updates, speaker insights, and one-click session joining capabilities. Morressier’s newly expanded networking tools allow attendees to connect one-to-one or in groups of up to 50 people, increasing engagement and encouraging an open dialogue around conference sessions and presentations.

As part of the launch, Morressier now offers enterprise-scale event customization within its platform, including white-label conference microsites to improve brand visibility and support demand generation for the event.

Rino Montiel, Morressier CTO and Co-Founder, said: “We're thrilled to share the first in a series of upcoming platform enhancements designed to elevate content discovery, streamline conference navigation and session attendance, and unlock new customization and branding possibilities. With this launch, organizers can guarantee a superior event experience and ensure their attendees are highly engaged during the live conference and keep coming back long-term.”

Sami Benchekroun, Morressier CEO and Co-Founder, said: “We strongly believe that all conference attendees deserve to have the best event experience, whether they are physically in the room or not. With the launch of our enhanced conference solutions, we are tackling the $94 billion virtual events market with a user-first approach, ensuring all attendees have the tools they need to get the most out of the conference.”

Post-event, attendees can be re-engaged and directed to a conference content library featuring all presentations, sessions, and discussions, extending event longevity and driving new ticketing and revenue opportunities. Within the library, organizers have the option to highlight featured sessions and popular speakers to shine a spotlight on relevant content.

As a next step, Morressier is working to further build out its network and community capabilities to allow all learners around the globe to engage with conference content and make essential connections. The company is also updating its pricing model to increase accessibility to a full range of conference budgets.


About Morressier

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