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[ News ] January 10, 2023

Morressier launches the final piece of their end-to-end event management solution with registration and ticketing

Berlin, Germany

Morressier, the platform for early-stage research, has announced the launch of new event registration and ticketing solutions to save conference organizers time and offer both attendees and event managers a simplified and streamlined experience. 

These new solutions include automated features that take tedious, technical elements, such as emailing registrants event details, out of the event management process. This gives time back to organizers so that they can focus on providing their attendees with the best conference experience possible that is catered to their needs and interests. Morressier’s expanded ticketing tools include coupon and voucher options, group registration that allows tickets to be purchased for multiple parties within a single transaction, and real-time adaptability to adjust tickets and pricing based on sales performance even when sales are running. 

Even further, Morressier now offers conference organizers a 360° view of running sales, allowing event managers to track the amount of tickets sold, the number of people registered, and the amount of revenue generated. These superior management tools empower organizers to oversee their entire conference journey all on one platform.

Jennifer Goodrich, VP of Product at Morressier, says: “We’re so pleased to introduce Registration and Ticketing which will enable our clients to seamlessly manage all aspects of their online and hybrid events on a single platform.”

With this launch, Morressier will serve as a fully end-to-end event management platform, offering flexible and customizable solutions for conference organizers all across the world looking to bring early-stage ideas to life.


About Morressier

Morressier is transforming the world of early-stage and conference research. Our platform is a cloud-based ecosystem for organizations to expand the research lifecycle and accelerate breakthroughs. Since 2014, the world’s leading professional and scientific organizations have trusted Morressier to turn their conference into a community that lasts long after the final presentation. For more information, visit