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[ News ] November 27, 2020

Morressier named by Jisc as top EdTech startup to watch

Morressier named in Jisc and Emerge Education list of top EdTech start ups.

Morressier has been included in a Jisc and Emerge Education top list of recommended EdTech startups that are tackling the five largest challenges in education: digital learning, assessment, employability wellbeing and recruitment. The challenges were first identified by Jisc and Emerge Education’s series of 2020 reports, from fixes to foresights.

The list is an initiative from Jisc and Emerge Education’s step up program, an innovation community that aims to transform higher and further education by matching EdTech startups with colleges and universities to solve their biggest challenges. 

Sue Attewell, Head of EdTech at Jisc, says: “Our mission with step up is to sustain an innovation-driven community that will transform higher and further education with technology. The step up assessment process means that colleges and universities are able to easily filter, select and engage with startups that will be the best fit for them.

"Our ongoing research continues to identify the biggest challenges faced by UK institutions, and our vetted top 20 list of startups will be refreshed annually, to reflect sector needs. We look forward to supporting their work going forward.”

Nic Newman, Partner at Emerge Education, comments: "The Emerge and Jisc higher education EdTech advisory board, chaired by Mary Curnock Cook, identified that one of the biggest barriers for universities to adopt innovative start ups is insufficient market information and the risk and cost of selection. Step up was co-designed with the UK higher education sector to solve these problems for universities. It is clear from Jisc’s learning and teaching reimagined report, that there has never been a greater desire for innovation, and we are excited to relaunch step up as one of the key tools to help achieve this."

The step up startups ready to support the sector

  • Aula: delivering engaging online classes
  • Bibliu: bringing textbooks to life
  • Blackbullion: helping universities to build student’s financial capability
  • Enroly: simplifying and making post-acceptance administration secure
  • Examity: online proctoring
  • Fika: mainstreaming mental fitness
  • Fourth Rev: driving employability in the digital community
  • Handshake: powering university employability offices
  • Inkpath: lifelong skills and career development platform
  • Interfolio: making faculty specific scholarly data instantly actionable
  • Morressier: providing virtual conference solutions
  • Note Taking Express: advanced note-taking solutions
  • Open Campus: drupal-based campus management solution
  • Peergrade: facilitating peer feedback sessions with students
  • Riipen: cloud-based “Future of Work” experiential learning platform
  • Stucomm: providing students with the right information, at the right time, via the right channel
  • Uni Buddy: helping students thrive through sharing their experience
  • Unitu: helping universities and student unions to deliver faster improvements to the student experience
  • Virtual Internships: a virtual internship program that combines real work experience with a comprehensive learning and training program
  • Uniwise: helping universities deliver secure and accessible digital assessment


About Morressier

The world’s leading professional and scientific organizations trust Morressier to support their virtual and hybrid meetings, engage their users, and amplify their content. Founded in 2014, Morressier offers its clients a powerful platform, granular data and analytics, and extensive possibilities for revenue generation. At the same time, by increasing access to previously ephemeral content, Morressier helps accelerate breakthroughs and innovation.