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[ News ] November 15, 2017

Morressier raises $1.7M seed funding to unlock the value of early scientific research

Unlock the value of early-stage research with Morressier, the home for virtual conferences.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany – Morressier, the platform digitizing academic conferences and reshaping the exchange of early scientific findings, today announced a $1.7M seed funding round led by Redalpine. Experts in the field of scholarly publishing contributed to the round, including Jan Reichelt, cofounder of academic network Mendeley, and Jan Maier, cofounder of research management tool AVEDAS, among others.

Sami Benchekroun, Morressier CEO, said: “We are very excited to bring a group of investors and angels with deep industry know-how on board. Together, we’re building a platform that will forge a new path forward in scholarly publishing, starting with the transformation of the outdated academic conference system.

Around the world, conferences play a unique and essential role in academia by enabling researchers to share knowledge, discover breakthroughs and connect with peers. Although conferences are the primary location for scientists to share their early findings, conference material is still predominantly restricted to the offline world. This leaves highly valuable scientific insights, research trends and collaboration opportunities hidden, unstructured and disconnected.

Founded in Berlin in 2014, Morressier is the first comprehensive solution that takes academic conferences into the digital realm. Morressier’s SaaS platform allows organizers to manage posters and presentations digitally and gain extensive analytics on leading topics, attendee interests and developing scientific trends. Researchers use the platform to upload and organize their contributions, obtain data-driven insights into the popularity of their work and discover related research projects and potential collaborators.

Morressier’s seed investment is being used to develop new features, including an abstract management system, and to hire engineering talent. The team will work on new ways to analyze and structure early-stage scientific content that will enable researchers to build on each other’s work and achieve scientific breakthroughs.

Harald Nieder, Partner at Redalpine, said: “We are convinced by Morressier’s vision to organize scientific content, both mature and preliminary, in a way that benefits the entire research community. The founders’ early success in the area of academic conferences is the perfect foundation to create a long-lasting impact in a multi-billion dollar industry.

Cofounders Sami Benchekroun and Justus Weweler bootstrapped the company to profitability before closing their first investment round this year. Morressier is already being used by over 250 academic conferences and associations including the International Diabetes Federation and World Psychiatric Association to aggregate conference material from more than 80,000 researchers and facilitate over one million interactions with scientific content.


About Morressier

The world’s leading professional and scientific organizations trust Morressier to support their virtual and hybrid meetings, engage their users, and amplify their content. Founded in 2014, Morressier offers its clients a powerful platform, granular data and analytics, and extensive possibilities for revenue generation. At the same time, by increasing access to previously ephemeral content, Morressier helps accelerate breakthroughs and innovation.