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[ News ] September 7, 2023

Morressier releases Research Integrity Survey results with new perspectives on misconduct and technology

Morressier reveals results from a new survey exploring opinions on integrity and technology in scholarly publishing.

Berlin, Germany - Morressier announces the release of findings from its recent Research Integrity Survey, designed to reveal insights from the scholarly publishing community and explore various perspectives and opinions surrounding integrity and technology. The study has illuminated the pressing challenges surrounding research integrity within our industry. 

The Morressier team will be unveiling these survey results and the insights they reveal about the academic community in a webinar on September 21, 2023, along with insightful whitepapers that peel back the curtain on Morressier's motivations for conducting this survey and what was uncovered. These pieces will amplify the voices of our community, shedding light on their invaluable opinions and insights about how we, as a collective, can rise above these challenges and propel ourselves towards a brighter academic future.

Research misconduct is the biggest issue facing scholarly publishing, according to over two thirds of participants. The results also show that amidst rising publication demands, researchers report being under increasing pressures. The pressure to publish papers in prestigious journals stands out as a top challenge, ranking first for many. This intense environment can tempt scholars into rogue practices. Notably, data fabrication is the most prevalent misconduct, followed by plagiarism, conflicts of interest, self/over-citation, image manipulation, and AI-generated text. Concerns also surround institutional-level practices, such as peer review bias, predatory journals, and paper mills.

Morressier’s Research Integrity Survey will enable the scholarly publishing community to forecast trends and understand the evolving role of technology in research integrity solutions. We also use this data to inform our product roadmap, and how we prioritize additions to our Integrity Manager. 

Mădălina Pop, leader of Morressier’s Research Integrity team, says: "It's critical to have user insights and research when we're developing products. Our team is excited to incorporate these valuable insights into our roadmap and build workflows that strengthen the foundation of the research landscape."

Sami Benchekroun, Morressier CEO and co-founder, says: “It has been exciting to learn more about our community's perspective on this ongoing challenge. It's a chance for us to not only listen but also to gain valuable insights that enable us to enhance the academic publishing experience through our workflows.'"

To learn more, register to attend a free webinar reviewing these results on September 21. 

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