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Morressier’s modern and easy to use Abstract Management tool

August 14, 2019

We’re very excited to announce the launch of abstract management, a powerful new addition to our suite of content management tools for academic conferences. With the help of conference organizers like you, we’ve listened and learned, refined and rebuilt our abstract management product based on your feedback. Now, we’re convinced our software system has all the tools you need to provide your delegates with the best digital experience before, during, and after your event - whether your conference has a dozen abstracts, or tens of thousands.

A design-first approach to abstract management

Morressier is known for its beautiful, intuitive design and lightweight experience, and our feature-rich abstract management software is no exception. After working with organizers from every continent, we’ve integrated their feedback to make sure that our abstract management is highly configurable, flexible, and can be used in a huge variety of conference settings. It’s a powerful B2B tool with the look and feel of your favorite consumer application. Create a call for abstracts, invite peer reviewers, assign abstracts on the basis of expertise, and easily manage your communication with authors and reviewers - all on one dashboard. And in case you need any support, our dedicated customer success team is available 24/7 to answer your questions.

One platform for all conference delegates

An ongoing exchange plays an essential role in the research process for every scientist around the world. Our goal is to enhance the discussion at your event by integrating our onsite poster and presentation tools into an overarching platform for conference research. Easily set up a profile page for your conference on the Morressier platform to showcase all the research from your event in one place. Abstracts are connected to their corresponding poster or presentation and displayed in a lasting way on your profile. You have the option to allow attendees to browse this content on the platform before, during, and after the event. In making this research accessible, you help delegates successfully prepare for your conference, gain inspiration, and stay in touch with relevant authors post-event - improving their experience at your conference.

By integrating the Morressier platform into your event, you ensure that attendees continue to talk about your conference long after they pack their bags and head home. At the same time, Morressier helps you increase the visibility of your event and reach a far wider pool of potential delegates by promoting the abstracts, posters, and presentations from your conference to hundreds of thousands of researchers around the globe.

Your gateway to the scholarly publishing community

We’re committed to breaking down the silos in science. As a part of this aim, our platform bridges the gap between academic conferences and the wider scholarly publishing community. We’ve integrated a number of well-known technologies that support the discovery and dissemination of conference posters, presentations, and abstracts and make this content citable and useful to all researchers. By using Morressier’s software, you’re making sure that your conference is fully connected to the scientific ecosystem and plays an integral role in scholarly communication.

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