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[ Publishing Workflows ] June 17, 2022

The future of science: Embracing change and sustainability in revenue management

As the saying goes, change is inevitable. Revenue management remains one of the leading topics as we continue to see a constant disruption of norms in the scientific world. This means organizations need a more sustainable approach to securing revenue. As the research industry evolves, we are sharing ways you can better adapt to the ongoing change.

How to integrate sustainable approaches to change management

No matter where the winds of change take you, your members will constantly want more innovative ways to accelerate their research and have a bigger impact. That essentially means you need to keep pace with industry changes and develop new strategies and structures to drive sustainable growth in the scientific landscape. Here are a few things organizations can do to respond to change management challenges and improve revenue acquisition.


Innovate conference hosting

Providing the best attendee experience is the primary focus of any scientific conference. To do this and still acquire your projected revenue, you need to approach conference hosting from a different perspective. Conferences haven't been the same since the pandemic. Many attendees prefer to participate and collaborate virtually, while others favor the immersive in-person experience. Integrating hybrid conference solutions will help you ensure you don't lose out on virtual or in-person revenue sources. Find out more about why we think the future of scientific conferences is hybrid.


Digitize your scholarly content

More and more discoveries are being made every day, but the accessibility of information is key to achieving the goal of accelerating research breakthroughs. Digitizing your early-stage research content will help put your members in the spotlight and make it easy for global learners to find the right research needed to make progress in the industry. Additionally, groundbreaking research published by members can bring you more recognition and drive partnerships, sponsorship, and community growth.


Provide tools for research collaboration Diversified revenue opportunities

Scientific breakthroughs are born from collaborations. Hosting conferences and including innovative tools for virtual collaboration will keep your members renewing year after year. It will also enable early-stage researchers to connect, share ideas, and work towards making meaningful impacts. Furthermore, interdisciplinary collaboration also drives industry partnerships, and revenue possibilities are endless when strategic partnerships happen.


Ways Morressier can help boost conference revenue


Diversified revenue opportunities

Conferences have gone virtual over the last few years, making it more challenging for organizers to acquire revenue. The Morressier platform enables societies and associations to diversify revenue streams and build profitable partnerships with corporations who want in on the latest and greatest discoveries in your discipline. We create opportunities for you to share the freshest ideas from your members and make connections that matter.


Exhibitor/sponsorship revenue

Most exhibitors and sponsors who take part in your event do so to connect with members and drive brand awareness and engagement. Going virtual now becomes a major obstacle for conference organizers looking to keep sponsors happy. Our platform offers you the opportunity to enable sponsors and exhibitors to interact with virtual and hybrid conference attendees. Our customizable solutions for conference hosting will help you drive return on investments for your sponsors.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about Morressier, and our platform is helping early-stage research find its way to the future.


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