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[ Publishing Workflows ] June 2, 2023

Unleash the possibilities of our latest product releases

Summer’s almost here, and we’re marking this new season with hot new releases and exciting product milestones! Read on to learn about our innovative last month of growth and get an exclusive sneak peek on what’s coming up next.

Morressier’s new iPad App is here to elevate your conference experience

We’re empowering conference organizers, giving them the flexibility to bring academic events to their attendees’ fingertips! Our new app allows you to effortlessly showcase digital posters, giving attendees the flexibility to browse and view digital posters on their tablets or other digital devices. 

We’re in a new age, where scientific ideas no longer rely on physical posters in crowded conference rooms, destined for discarding after events. We’re making the poster experience more efficient, organized, and streamlined, boosting accessibility and rapid scholarly dissemination one step at a time. Step into the future and head over to the Apple Store to download the app today!


The power of plagiarism prevention

One of the biggest threats to academic publishing today is plagiarism. Science is built on accuracy and honesty, and the concept of intellectual theft goes against these ideals entirely. In order to preserve the ethics at the heart of our industry, we need robust, flexible infrastructure to tackle the dangers facing the scholarly world.

We’re helping societies and publishers protect their reputation against the threat of research misconduct with our new plagiarism check. We check submitted papers against an extensive database of manuscripts, identifying potential paraphrasing and plagiarism and also providing a detailed similarity index and report to help organizers and editors make informed decisions on their community’s content. 


Revealing retracted citations with precision


How can you ensure that your community’s ideas are relying on scientifically sound research and data? With the rate of article retractions surging in recent years, it can be hard for authors to recognize which findings are still relevant to use as a solid foundation for their own research endeavors.

Research integrity is so important to us at Morressier and we’re committed to helping societies, publishers, and authors avoid expensive and embarrassing consequences down the line by providing them with the tools to prioritize integrity early. We’ve now upgraded our citation checks to help editors and organizers ensure that their authors are not citing retracted papers, empowering them with the ability to publish with confidence.


More integrity, all in one place

Our mission to revolutionize scientific research becomes clear when you explore the ways in which we’re using technology to transform integrity. We understand why many are in fear due to the worrying amount of fraud and research misconduct in recent years. At Morressier, we believe the best way to make a positive change towards a better future is by embracing bolder ideas and better infrastructure. We’re thinking of the big picture, with wide cultural and technological shifts rather than a one-size fits all solution.

Our new Research Integrity Workspace places all your integrity requests into one cohesive space, where it becomes easy to manage and evaluate each piece of research. Whether you’re an author taking advantage of our fast and efficient automated Submission Checks service or a publisher protecting your community and reputation through our Integrity Suite, you can seamlessly access all your integrity requests in one place.


Expanded abstract management options

It’s extremely important for authors to have the tools that they need to get their ideas into the world. Imagine what life would be like if science’s brightest minds were held back by inefficient or ineffective workflows?

We recognize this need, and are dedicated to providing our platform users with the most innovative and seamless technology. We now offer specialized subtopics for paper and abstract submissions to streamline the submission process. Empowering researchers to precisely categorize their work, we ensure their valuable findings reach the right minds without the time-consuming hassle of endless scrolling through irrelevant options.


Organizing submissions with ease

Remove the headaches and confusion that come with not being able to identify which submission is which.  We now offer configurable unique IDs for abstracts, posters, presentations, and proceedings to let authors, reviewers, and editors stay on track and get a better idea of which documents that they are working with.
Say goodbye to the stress of managing unmarked submissions and say hello to our enhanced identification system!
Even further, we are also now offering submission reminders to help publishing representatives and organizers manage proceedings volumes and stay on top of deadlines.


What’s coming next?

With the explosive levels of growth occurring at Morressier right now, the future unveils limitless possibilities for our forthcoming products.

 Next month, we plan to release enhanced checks to accurately and quickly detect AI-generated text so organizers and publishers can make their own informed decisions on AI authorship. Even further, we’re introducing a volume dashboard that will allow individuals to evaluate volumes of research at scale, filtering through different types of check categories and also gaining overview statistics, to assess the overall health of a volume. We’re also further streamlining the abstract management and peer review process by providing the flexibility to upload reviewer contacts in bulk in order to ensure the abstract review process is efficiently handled and invitations are effectively distributed at scale. 

But to get a full idea of what we’ve got planned, you’ll have to stay tuned for our release notes next month



In the past 18 months, we’ve experienced many exciting developments at Morressier. We’re constantly blending big ideas with market-leading technology to deliver exciting product milestones. 

As we continue to forge ahead, pioneering our industry, we’ll continue to redefine integrity and elevate the standards of scientific research.

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