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[ RESEARCH COMMUNITY ] April 13, 2023

A budget-friendly guide to organizing a conference

When planning a conference, it can be difficult to stay on budget while also meeting the needs of your attendees and sponsors. Discover the best practices that we’ve gathered to help you stay on track.

Choosing the right events platform

The first step to running a successful virtual or hybrid conference is finding the right software to host your event. 

A platform with high-quality engagement tools and agile workflows can make a huge difference for both you and your attendees.

In order to narrow down your options, take the time to fully understand each platform in detail, including their differentiators. In the case of scientific conferences, it can be helpful to find a platform that offers end-to-end solutions, so you can go from abstract, poster, and presentation submission, to live-streaming, to a post-event content platform. This can help keep down the costs of engaging multiple providers and ensures your attendees have a seamless experience.


Attracting attendees

In order to attract the best attendees to your conference, outline the various benefits of the event in your online program. Discuss the opportunities for collaboration with experts within the field and highlight notable speakers when spreading the word. Try to also keep in mind what matters most to your attendees and call attention to those elements of your event.

As an event planner, it is also crucial to use social media to encourage registration for your conference. Use social media channels to underscore why your event is worth attending and make sure you're communicating year round, rather than just in the lead up to the event, to build up your following and increase the reach of your posts when it's crunch time.


Creating opportunities for interaction and networking

Joining a society is about advancing your career by actively engaging in a community. Researchers want to connect and network, but they also need mentors. Conferences are a perfect opportunity to facilitate mentorship, either with a volunteer-led program or through informal connections.

Conferences are also an opportunity to provide ways for your members and attendees to connect with individuals from other organizations. The exciting prospect of a conference built around interdisciplinary collaboration can accelerate registration levels and boost revenue. We know that conferences are one of the most powerful opportunities for collaboration in the research industry. However, this is still limited to a relatively small number of people, i.e., only the representatives that happen to attend that particular conference or seminar. An interdisciplinary approach would dictate that conference materials should be shared much more widely to accelerate progress across fields.


Taking steps to extend the lifespan of your conference

Making the information and knowledge available digitally ensures that it reaches a more diverse and global audience long after the conference is over. 

After the conference, you can still create a lasting impression on your intended audiences by choosing a platform that provides a conference repository to host all content and proceedings, from posters and abstracts to videos, before or after the event. This allows research to be given a longer lifetime online, where it can be shared, explored, and promoted after the conference is over and potentially used as an additional revenue source. 

Another benefit offered by virtual and hybrid conference platforms is the potential to analyze attendee engagement and gather key data-points about popular sessions, research, and presenters. Morressier provides powerful insights regarding attendee behaviors throughout an event, allowing organizers to best plan the conference program for the next year.



When it comes to your annual conference, there are endless opportunities to engage your attendees, elevate user experience, and give your proceedings longevity while still staying on budget.

Our powerful technology can help you build an event that keeps attendees coming back year after year. For a limited time, we are offering these event planning services for free to give conference organizers access to innovative workflows that will help them take their community’s conference experience to the next level.

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