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How our new products can help you reimagine your annual conference

It’s a new month, and you know what that means! Morressier’s latest Product Release Notes are now available, in which we outline our latest platform developments from improved submission checks, to more efficient event proceedings, and much more. Discover our new solutions, purpose-built to help you tackle the biggest challenges threatening your annual conference.


An enhanced and expanded platform

At Morressier, democratizing access to emerging technologies and exciting breakthroughs is what we’re all about. That’s why we’ve recently made our platform publicly available to anyone who wants to create an account. 

We’ve given visitors the opportunity to either use their email address to sign up for our platform or take advantage of our standard SSO options to reduce the time spent managing multiple platforms and passwords. With these innovations, we’ve expanded the capabilities of our platform, helping researchers and conference organizers from across the globe discover and share groundbreaking early-stage research faster, and interact with our powerful and innovative workflows.


Elevated submission checks

These days, it seems that research integrity is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Fraud and misconduct cases continue to make headlines, as costly retractions rise and trust in science declines. Amidst all of this, AI-driven tools are rising in prominence and power, threatening to change the way we live and work and creating  integrity issues.

We’ve taken the best elements of AI in order to tackle the integrity threats that these emerging technologies may present. Our submission service provides automated preflight checks to ensure that your community can publish their work with the highest confidence. We run checks for key submission requirements and critical integrity issues, allowing users to receive valuable feedback in mere minutes.

Even further, we’ve now expanded this service so that users can submit multiple documents to be scanned simultaneously. This frees up resources for scientists so that they have more time to focus on accelerating the possibilities of their research and helps conference organizers stay concentrated on bringing their community’s breakthroughs to the world, without worrying about potential revenue losses and risks to their reputation.

For a small fee, you can take full advantage of this offer and discover the difference it will make for your community today!


A more integrated experience

There’s an immense amount of pressure put on conference organizers. Academics are busy people and it can be daunting and difficult to convince them that your event is worthy of their energy and ideas. Our platform delivers streamlined workflows that simplify complicated processes so that you can focus on creating value for your attendees and bringing your event to life.

With one of our latest workflow integrations, organizers can seamlessly build their event program based on accepted papers and abstracts. Our platform users can now easily import accepted event submissions from proceedings, slashing the time spent on administrative tasks and alleviating burdens for organizers so that they can direct all of their time towards creating a space where their community’s ideas can truly flourish. 

Through Morressier’s agile solutions, the conference organizing and management process becomes efficient and optimized, leaving space for you to give your event the upgrade it deserves.


What's next?

So, what’s coming down the pike?

As we continue through Q2, we’re planning to unveil enhancements to submission checks, making them capable of detecting even more rogue practices such as tortured phrases and AI-generated text. What’s more, we’re anticipating upgrades to our proceedings management, allowing publishers to send reminders to conference organizers for submission deadlines and helping organizers automatically attach forms to proceedings volumes. 

Even further, we are planning to help societies boost the accessibility of their organization’s Research Library through video transcripts and closed captions. 

But, you’ll have to tune in to our Release Notes at the end of the month to really find out how we’re building on our existing workflows for even more integrity, integration, and bold transformation.



In order to combat emerging threats to scholarly publishing, societies and journals need to be equipped with the latest and most robust technologies. 

We’re constantly experimenting and innovating, here at Morressier, to both rise up to current challenges and detect, predict, and prevent upcoming ones.

using experimentation to improve research integrity