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[ Publishing Workflows ] July 7, 2023

How our latest releases are redefining integrity and innovation

It’s time to explore what’s new this month at Morressier! Get ready to discover the boundless possibilities of our latest product releases.

Enhanced Volume Dashboard

Integrity issues in scholarly publishing have become urgent. Regular scandals damage public trust in science.

With our enhanced volume dashboard, we're opening the doors to a better future through the innovative power of technology!

Picture this: journal editors equipped with an arsenal of tools to keep an eagle eye on the integrity of their entire research collection. Our seamless search functionality lets you navigate through the scholarly jungle effortlessly, picking out the papers you need while exposing any potential red flags. And that's not all, folks! Our robust statistics feature allows you to unleash the power of data.


Revolutionizing Abstract Management

In the world of academic research, we understand the toll that administrative burdens can exact on authors, editors, conference organizers, and more. From the added stress to the drain on time and resources, these obstacles can hinder scientific progress. But fear not, for we're on a mission to streamline the entire research lifecycle, relieving the burdens on all academic stakeholders.

Discover our game-changing solution: an intuitive spreadsheet upload feature that transforms abstract management. Gone are the days of tedious manual tasks. With just a few clicks, you can simplify your abstract management process, effortlessly send conference invitations to reviewers, and ensure a seamless review process for all submitted abstracts.

Through transformative and flexible technology, we’re empowering the academic community to focus on what truly matters—groundbreaking discoveries. Say goodbye to the complexities of the past and embrace a more efficient future.


What’s coming up next?

We’ve summarized our latest releases, but what does the future hold? 

Stay tuned for an exclusive sneak peek at our upcoming features, offering a glimpse into the innovative tools that we’re creating to reshape the academic landscape, embedding workflows with increased trust and integrity.


Enhanced AI-Generated Text Checks

AI-generated text in scholarly publishing is sparking some complex debates. Many believe that these artificial authors are damaging the reliability of science, while others feel that they are easing administrative burdens on researchers.

No matter how you feel about AI-generated text, the ability to detect it is crucial.  Our enhanced AI-Generated Text Checks can help publishers make informed decisions. This powerful tool enables you to effortlessly identify and examine sections within a paper that are likely to be AI-generated. By leveraging this feature, you can determine the legitimacy of AI use and identify potential misconduct before it gets published.

Check out next month’s product release notes for more information!


Tailor Preflight and Integrity Checks to meet your unique business needs

The academic community encompasses diverse needs and values when it comes to integrity.

That’s why we’re giving editors the power to customize preflight and integrity checks to address their specific needs and concerns.  Soon, you’ll be able to easily set your own pass/fail criteria for specific checks. Spend time on the checks that matter to you and determine what errors your community are making before publication to avoid expensive retractions and embarrassing media coverage.

Moreover, our latest highlight features accelerate the detection of integrity issues within papers. With enhanced navigation capabilities, swiftly pinpoint and address integrity concerns by effortlessly navigating to the affected sections.

Let’s use scalable solutions as our battle cry in the fight for better science. Mark your calendars for next month for more details on these game-changing enhancements.



At Morressier, innovating and adapting is what we do best.

As your needs grow more complex and priorities change, we stay committed to creating sustainable academic workflows that will cater to all your integrity requirements. Make sure to check out our Product Release Notes next month to see how our ideas and products are developing to shape the future of research.

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